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Lion Air Eyes Widebody Ops Around 2014/15

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Lion Air plans to commence widebody operations with either ten Boeing 787-8s or Airbus A330s in 2014 or 2015, says airline CEO Pak Rusdi. The long-haul operation – which will start up with Boeing 737-900ERs before the widebodies are acquired – will be a full-service offering, Rusdi says during a Singapore air show signing ceremony for 27 ATR 72-600s for Lion Air’s Wings Air subsidiary. ( עוד...

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preacher1 1
You know, I guess every industry and market is different but here all the Airlines are clamoring after and going after the long haul market, but depending on the lane they won't do much more than generate some cash. In trucking, rails have killed the long haul market except for teams, and on the heavily traveled routes where truck freight is available, competition is so keen there is no way to make a buck out of it, but you have to operate it cause most shippers don't want to spread their freight among too many carriers.As the Airlines are going for the longer haul and abandoning the regional markets to the contracts, trucking is adapting to the shorter and regional market and in actuality, doing quite a bit better. It seems like LionAir and some of the others ought to stay with what they know rather than try to emulate the other folks that have been in/out of bankruptcy 2-3 times. IMHO
Wingtips56 1
Indonesia, Lion Air's home, is made up of over 17,500 islands, 6,000 of which are inhabited. They are not competing with trucks and trains. With Garuda being such a nightmare, there is certainly an opportunity for Lion Air to expand into long-haul markets, which covers just about anything beyond the home islands of Indonesia.

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