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Pot Pilot Tailed to Fitchburg, MA

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Pilot apprehended after flying marijuana cross-country from Santa Monica, California ( עוד...

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Ian Bock 0
So I can't pay with cash and catch a nap in the plane without a CBP citation blocking my way, and guys with guns pulling me out of my airplane? Either the article is missing quite a bit of info, or the 4th amendment was recently scratched out.
tim mitchell 0
hah..They apprehended a pilot and two others about a year ago down here at KEHO....I wonder if the two are connected....If so someones got to be pretty ticked.
tim mitchell 0
Also all three men were placed under a $5 million dollar bond don't mess with Cleveland
Carlos Bea 0
A good education, great work experience. Just sad to see it all thrown away.
pilot0987 0
mark tufts 0
paying cash for avaition fuel is a sin as is sleeping in the plane so i would be suspicious also
Are you serious, or just being sarcastic?
Lee Burk 0
How idiotic!
Jayden Hakunti 0
Just get a "Rush Card" and load a grand on it at a time. Then go into safeway and drop cash to load more money on it. Simple way to stay undetected.
Jim Quinn 0
Jayden--Yeah, he probably was making more money with the pot vs. flying for a regional carrier, but it's hard to spend it in jail! Freedom--it's priceless! BTW--have you used a preloaded debit card for fuel? If so, did it work well? Any complications?
Lee Burk 0
How idiotic!
Chris Donawho 0
Funny how the strings here go from "what a dumbass" to "how can we cover that trail and get away with it"....
I work in the FBO business, if someone pays cash that is their business
Matt Haines 0
I would disagree with this guy from Fitchburg Pilots Association, I would not automatically think that someone is up to shady business just because they pay for fuel with cash. Sleeping the plane, combined with paying cash, that I can understand might be a little out of the ordinary.
It was the airport manager in Grundy, IL. that gave the tip about paying with cash and sleeping in the airplane. You are right about it being out of the ordinary, and one not automatically being up to shady business if doing these things. There's still a good amount of people that I see paying for avgas and fees with cash. I also see quite a few people who would rather sleep for a few hours in the FBO than pay $30 or $40 for a hotel.
The comments elsewhere on here about it being a sin are incorrect, even though in this particular instance, the suspicions were correct.
Paul Claxon 0
I wonder if the plane was a rental plane ? If so would the owner lose the aircraft ?
preacher1 0
They could; in most of the laws, ownership has no bearing. That being said, most law enforcement agencies have discretion over property to confiscate or not.
Donny Malinoff 0
Plane was rented, I have many hours in it.
Jim Quinn 0
I use my debit card almost exclusively, so sometimes paying for avgas for a full day of flying can exceed the daily limit on my card. When rent car, food, lodging, etc. is taken into account there have been times when I have paid cash for fuel. It's a shame when US Legal Tender, when used for all debts public and private, can get you detained. But those rare times when I've had to land to allow a frontal system to come through on a night flight I have not hesitated to sleep in the FBO. I wouldn't want to stay in the plane after flying all day!
Gene spanos 0
Ronald Padgett 0
Mental Note: Don't pay cash and don't sleep.
Owen O'Mahony 0
Spelling "aviation" wrong followed by an inane comment - Priceless!!!
Jayden Hakunti 0
I'll bet he was making more money flying pot than flying for skywest.

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