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360 degree, extreme high res photo of Next-Generation Boeing 737

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Boeing made an extremely cool 360 degree photo of a new Next-Generation Boeing 737 in United's new livery. Drag to spin the plane or click to zoom. You'll need to install Silverlight to view. ( עוד...

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Shawn S. Sullivan 0
Kelvin Bell 0
wow that was awe inspiring!!!!!
Guido Warnecke 0
very cool - thanks!
jmilleratp 0
I would say, the NexGen 737 in United's quote-unquote "new livery!" Honestly, they couldn't do anything more than take Continental's and slap a "United" on it? :-)
mark tufts 0
awesome aircraft
Michael Fuquay 0
If this is what airline-livery graphic artists are getting paid big bucks for, then I'm obviously in the wrong field.
Chip Hermes 0
Extremely cool!!
chalet 0
Great plane, awful livery
Keevan Joseph 0
very interisting well done but have i missed the inside and avionics ,it would be nice
Richard Harrell 0
Enjoyed a ride in a Delta 738 yesterday (that's a nice livery for ya -- wish it had more NWA to it, though).
Jay Caballero 0
Magnificent technology
nwilcox 0
Yep, that United livery is awful.
Justin Sweet 0
No thanks Silverlight.
Jim Hawksworth 0
It really is something to see how much the 737 has developed since 1967!
If the efficiency goes up, does the fare decrease?
Yazoo 0
Richard Harrell - What???? You want more NWA on the Delta 737? OK, Since NWA had absolutely no in-flight entertainment we'll see if Delta can rip out the WIFI, Live TV, digital move channels, interactive games, live flight tracking, and the empowerment system in 1st so that you can't plug in your laptop. No to mention the unseen advantages like the phone that the F/A's have to take directly to medical personnel if needed. And maybe we should rip out the RNAV/RNP since NWA 319/320 didn't have that. It's bad enough that Delta pilots had to take a step back and lower their training quals so that we would match the higher min's of NWA instead of the old Delta lower min training.
Tillery 0
Haven't you guys heard...lots of pilots use iPads for lots of reading your blog! Why not present files in a more common format that we can see?
Richard Harrell 0
Yazoo -- First, I understand you're upset and I apologize -- I was mainly referring to the livery, to maintain a visual reference of the line's very long roots -- Northwest was the longest running name in the US industry and was very well respected for a multitude of reasons by many customers and peers, in key markets. Delta deserves the same respect, but got the better end of the deal with the naming convention and livery decision.

Also, I understand that Delta pilots really got the shaft in the deal, and I feel for them (and those who were eliminated from the merger overlap). From a (very) frequent passenger point-of-view, things seem to have operated great since I started using them almost exclusively in 2004. Some of my favorite rides were the DC-9-31 and Saab 340B, the former of which was eliminated, and the latter soon to be History. They were older, but reliable transportation, with much fewer high-end options both up front and in back. But, I got to where I was going with more consistency than any other carrier could offer -- just like my old beater car that gets me to the airport and back 104 miles r/t. Plus, the new interiors have that "fake leather" that doesn't to breathe, gets hot or cold easily, and is terribly stiff. The old cloth seats were fine. But again, I understand the decision to ditch the -30's and -40's due to airframe time, noise, age, low fuel economy and then gut all interiors for the new look, feel, and tech for branding.

So, the 737 was a fill-in for a run from MSP-MCI-MSP -- it should have been an MD-90, which got scratched at the last minute, but it was nice to have a change of pace, hence my comment. As you know the 73's are set-up for longer hauls to keep people occupied and save fuel. I rarely need longer runs that require entertainment/'net/power, but I recall many trips on A330s and 757-200 and -300s with TVs and infotainment. It's good to know of the direct medical connection (as a paramedic, I hope the F/As are trained and equipped to take Med-Control's advice with precision). I didn't know of the power plugs in 1st (Silver Medallion doesn't mean what it used to, so I get upgraded a lot less), so that's a plus too. Another minus is the farming-out to regional carriers for runs that would have been mainline. They're pushing the edge of capacity to offer an outsourced product.

Regarding the A319/320 -- they were never my favorite, but often fit into connecting the mix, nevertheless. Their N-Numbers end in "NB", so I'm not sure where they originated in ownership and what the configuration was at the time (IMHO, the 73 is a superior product). Regarding the RNAV/RNP, I'm not familiar how often it's used, what was used before in its place? I'm just a random pax and occasional flight-simmer that can fly DME and NDB fixes without virtual ATC input, and use a flight computer of sorts for enroute, SIDs, and STARs / etc (plus company-preffered routing).

Anyway, Kansas City has lost over half of its total number flights in the last 5 years, so flying to do my job is a lot tougher. The MSP/DTW/MEM combo was perfect until things changed. Now ATL is a frequent stop, MEM has cut their flights considerably, MSP is cutting remote destinations (due to Gov't cutbacks, profitablilty, etc.) -- and broke a promise to the people of the Northern States to maintain service. Southwest is often the "Secondary Primary" choice because it's does the job; period. No WiFi, plugs, games, TV, etc. I can get my work done and stay occupied without it.

So, my industry has spent lots of money with NWA and into Delta, effectively helping to keep them profitable and afloat. Can we not have a say? For the cross-regional traveler in summary, it's sad to hear of the pilot min regression, I don't need to plug in a laptop with a 6-hour battery, and the Internet is just "infotainment" along with the other gadgetry. Messages can wait. Like the GTE->Verizon Airphone. Tech will always be a fad and require flexibility in what's new, depending on that user.

My question becomes, how soon would the infotainment systems, advanced navigation, and med-com systems would have been installed (with either carrier) if no merger took place? I would guess a bit later, but for competitive purposes they would have showed-up eventually. So, no need to start ripping-out components, because they theoretically could have been there by now.

Stephen Brown 0
Can't wait to fly on that plane. I wonder of the sky-lighting is on every airplane.
Keevan Joseph 0
ok now i see it this is good !
Nikolai St 0
Yeah, that's a question I'm curious about too... If efficency increases, the fare's supposed to go down proportionally, not the revenues go up proportionally, ain't it so?

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