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Airlines' fare hike appears to falter

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DALLAS (AP) — The latest effort by airlines to broadly raise fares — hikes of $4 to $10 per round trip within the U.S. — faltered Monday as some airlines balked at the increase. United and Continental . . . ( עוד...

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"fear driving customers away" little late for that don't you think? Lower demand offset by price increase - only in Washington would that make sense to anyone.
joe hoeft 0
yay!!! prices down
Lee Smith 0
Keep on raising those fares so that the CEO's and Shareholders can keep getting RICH off, of my travels, and I'll keep DRIVING across this Beautiful Country to go on vacation. As well as take an RV for the fun of a Family Vacation. I've seen more of the I-40-I-81-I-95: routes, then I see of the airports in America, and I've got to say that I've met more nicer folks along the way, then I've meet at the airports and airlines. I’m for profit for all business, but the NICKLE & DIMEING of the PAYING CUSTOMERS has got to END.

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