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Solar Plane Set to Soar Abroad in May

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The project offers the aviation industry a new look at dealing with the rising cost of oil, which has continued to creep higher amid unrest in the Middle East, weighing on some airline profits. American Airlines (AMR), for example, said last week that higher fuel prices crippled its profit, sending its first-quarter income down $436 million. ( עוד...

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Jim Nasby 1
The single-seat prototype has the wingspan of a Boeing (BA) 777 jet. It took its maiden flight in Switzerland in 2009 and has taken many other test flights, particularly as the crew readies itself for the international voyage.

So, you need something with a ridiculous wingspan to fly a single person.

At least it's a start...
mark tufts 0
this i think would be a jjoke as can you imagine the wingspan just for a 300 person plane
Kevin Wall 0
If you consider where we've come since Kitty Hawk in a very short time, only a small amount of imagination suggests where this may lead.

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