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FAA Certifications Loom as Boeing Advances with 737-7 and 737-10 Testing

SEATTLE — Boeing is on the cusp of achieving significant milestones in the development of its last two 737 MAX variants. Insiders report that the 737-7 is anticipated to receive FAA certification possibly as early as next month. ( More...

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Nooge 3
Buy American US carriers
WHY ??? So many problems ..
Minesh Patel 1
Does Gm ford sell Vehical with left side rear view mirror only.
Please humble request to Boeing to make all Airplane with dual Angle of attack device. Left side and right side.
Standard default equipment.
I do not think Airbus makes plane with only one angle of attack. Single point of failure.
Brian Chandler 0
What has been the hold up with these two type certs?
boughbw 2
Extra scrutiny after the MAX crash debacle.
Brian Chandler -1
That's not true because they're going to use the same MCAS updates that are in the 7M8 and 7M9 that have been recertified for years now.
rob strong 1
Same certs for a shorter aircraft with MCAS. And WN just placed a huge order. Guess we'll see what the FAA does.
Brian Chandler 1
It's because they know the cert is coming asap. Likely before the end of the year.
boughbw 1
I never said it was limited to MCAS. In the past, the FAA has skipped testing of previously approved components. Not so with the certification of these models of MAX airliners. This extended beyond MCAS to any systems it may touch.
Brian Chandler 0
Point is the MCAS is not what's holding up the cert because the mcas has already been certified on the type. Hence my question as to specifically what is holding up the cert for both the 7m and 10m
Sean Mathews 2
I believe it's because those two didn't have a modern EICAS like most all other new birds. The FAA made that mandatory before they were certified but after the other MAX's were.


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