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Moller Promises Skycar Flight Demo

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Pretty exciting stuff if you ask me. Take off and Land in 35'diameter,350 mph, 750 mile range operational ceiling of 36K. ( עוד...

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Chip Hermes 0
Cal Keegan 0
I know this rich guy, seriously, who put a deposit on a Moller Skycar in 1992. The wikipedia page on it says they've been taking deposits since '03 but I know it was before that.

Also it says Moller settled a lawsuit with the SEC. The SEC's complaint was that after 40 years of development (!) a prototype was able to hover about 15 feet above the ground.
Paul De Zan 0
Although I think he's sincere and not a classical con artist, Moller is one of the more successful aviation promoters who've produced next to nothing. It's simply incredible that he's been able to raise so much money when he's produced so few results over such a long, long time. I first heard of the Skycar when I saw it on the cover of Popular Mechanics in 1991. Yep, 20 years ago.

Not holding my breath on this.
Daniel Baker 0
What is the advantage of this over a helicopter?
andy talty 0
"What is the advantage of this over a helicopter?"

forward speed for one.."the four-seat M400 will be able to fly faster than 350 mph "

I'll belive it when I see it, I remember that acticle back in the 90's as well
Paul De Zan 0
His concept is "Aircraft as Elevators": 100% automated, operating in a smart airways environment, no piloting skills requires. You get in and the vehicle takes you to some predetermined location while you sip coffee and read the online edition of the NYT. Intriguing, but implementing anything like this would have to be a national initiative like the Interstate Highway System. Since it's taken him almost 50 years to get to a flying vehicle, that system should be coming on line around 2215.
Shannon Pence 0
Why make an announcement about a flight in October NOW? I guess in the grand scheme of how long this thing has been in "development" that's practically an overnight...but still. Makes little sense. I'm with you guys, I have been reading about his thing for decades. If it wouldn't fly 10 years ago it probably won't fly now even with all the advances in electronics. And they are still using rotary engines... classic case of trying to polish a turd.
James Maugham 0
Moller is a snake oil salesman, has been since the 70's.

If there were even a glimmer of hope of making the M400 fly DARPA would be all over it and throwing money at Moller, something that has not transpired to date.
Jay Phillips 0
He's been taking people's money for a long time, has yet to deliver anything. If you do some back-of-the-envelope calculations on his speed, range and weight numbers you can tell he is either full of it or doesn't know what he's talking about. But the dream he is selling is oh so sweet.
smokey831 0
Come on people! Look how long it takes for one of us to become a likable human being that everyone loves and wants to see from time to time. I'm talking about Grandpa's if you still don't get it! lolzzzzz Seriously it does seem like a black hole to throw money but I don't feel bad for those that do the throwing. Better yet throw the money my way and I'll go buy a real airplane and take you where you want to go! Deal? ;+)
andru reid 0
ROFL.. My old boss researched this car alot. It has only flew one time untetherd and it crashed. Its incredibly unstable and a great pipe dream.
Frank Romero 0
Paul, if you read this call me, I'll help you. You may recall I am the President of Marketing Solutions, Inc. Try 781-821-2345 and let's see what tomorrow can bring.
Landis Bennett 0
I want one in yellow and one in black. Where do I send my check?
Todd Bohlman 0
I sent away for the info. packet on this THIRTY years ago! He has yet to fly it untethered! Talk about a modern version of a Snake Oil Salesman(ha! I see now another reader made the some comment...too funny)
Joachim Grunwald 0
Same fuel efficiency as a car ?!? Noise ?!?
Can you imagine the morning rush hour when thousands of these Skycars hover towards the citys... Each normal Skycar accident would mean debries falling on people/houses below... No way, this could become a future solution for mass transportation. Just a nich toy.
Robin Shaw 0
No, Really, I'm sure we will get it right this time.
We just need a few more R&D investors.............
aknorris 0
I clearly remember a photo of his "flying saucer" back in 1976. Eight fan motors and a cockpit in the middle. Oh well...
Pete Crawford 0
To quote the 1985-86 edition of Janes (pg 466-467): "A developed production version known as the 440E Commuter will seat four occupants, and is illustrated in the accommpanying artist's impression. A production prototype was expected to be completed in July 1985, with customer deliveries commencing later in the year, leading to anticipated production of more that 1,000 Model 440Es in 1986." A little behind schedule, wouldn't you say?! The article quotes max cruise as 187 knots.
Pete Crawford 0
Keep an eye out for it on FlightAware, the M400 is registered as N7164J.
mrdedwalker 0
Moller - it reminds me of something from an Austin Powers movie.
mrdedwalker 0
When it tries to fly, its going to make guacamole out of itself . . .

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