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Delta Air Lines Pilots Set Sights on Guinness World Record with 48-State Flight

Two Delta Air Lines pilots have attempted to set a Guinness World Record for the fastest journey by plane through all 48 contiguous states of the United States within 48 hours. ( More...

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Rick Hein 12
It would be interesting to see a map of the route.
Alan Winn 6
good idea, thanks, just added to the story!
sparkie624 2
WOW.. that is great!
David Westner 1
Thanks a lot for adding that in! I'm stoked to see they finished at Sanford, ME. That's where I flew to on my first X/C many moons ago.
sparkie624 10
Very impressive, and their reason for doing is outstanding as well... My hats off to them and all whom they help with the funds raised.
Really cool! For anyone interested, here is a link to the Delta website page that provides more detail on their mission , and to the crew's webpage, , that has links so you can donate to the Veterans' Airlift Command as well as a detailed route map.

Well done Captains Barry Behnfeldt, Aaron Wilson, and in-flight technician Thomas Twiddy!
Bob Hamilton 4
As I recall, the record was recently set in a Cirrus at 38 hours and some minutes, and Guinness certified.
Not sure, but worth checking out. Great challenge. Think I would have needed more sleep!
gail lapook 3
Too bad that two other guys had already done the flight in 38 hours. They did it in May 2023. They have the Guinness record for this flight
dee9bee 3
I notice that they covered almost all the high terrain during the
sparkie624 3
I certainly do not blame them for that... They planed this very well and followed through.
James Simms 1
That likely played into why it took longer than the record of 38+ hours
Larry Tullos 3
Impressive that they found such an efficient route. Most route optimization software requires inputting specific destinations. Seems to be a good problem for AI. Wish the article described how they computed the route and listed the constraints.
David Westner 3
Sounds like a fun record to try and make
Sean Mc Carthy 1
Where did they stop in Colorado? I am not weeing it.
bartmiller 2
Durango. KDRO.
James Cox 1
Is the record by propulsion category? I'd imagine a jet could do this trip much faster.
sparkie624 6
I think it would be harder in a Jet... Some of those flights are very short and that would make it harder... A Jet would have issues with that many cycles. The Pressurized Jets even though faster are not nearly as maneuverable.! Picture doing it in a Lear or citation which would be the 2 more apt to do it... They cannot turn as tight and their speed would make it difficult and the engines are usually on Cycles more than they are on hours as is the Airframe.
sparkie624 2
Also failed to mention, that they normally use a lot more runway that we do on takeoff and landing...
Kenn Ortmann 1
Their final stop shown on the map is Sanford, ME - not Portland.
Ivan Blakely 1
can this "world record" be achieved in any other country ?
sparkie624 1
That would be hard, because we are the only ones who have states... Many of them have Territory's... and few have as many airports close to state lines as we do.
Luke Randy 1
pretty cool
Ugh. Burning fossil fuel to raise money to burn more fossil fuel.
Must be a better way.
USAF Vietnam Era veteran.
Veterans For Peace

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Larry Tullos 8
Sorry for your disability; but if you know ANYTHING about aviation, Delta is not in control of the approach and departure paths. Your blame is very misplaced and perception that this is a hate crime frankly makes you sound like a raving lunatic. Would you have the same opinion if it was a train passing behind your home, or heavy trucks rolling down a nearby highway? It's not my intent to dismiss your disability as I'm not walking in your shoes; but I just want to express that you will not get the support you're seeking by making unrealistic and hyperbolic accusations like this.
Anna Gray -1
I have been called raving lunatic by people who have different neurotype than me. You are not the first one. Other Autistics with sensory sensitivities have also been called lunatics by neurotypical people. I wonder how you would feel about aviation if you had my perception. I start hearing at a negative 18 Db and have 1 mile hearing range. On decibel scale my hearing is over 80 thousand times more sensitive than that of a regular neurotypical person. I have hypersensory perception in all 8 of my senses. I can see in the dark. I can smell CO2. I can feel texture of air and water. These are incredible gifts. I have saved peoples lives using my gifts. Ableist regulations is what turns my disorder into a disability. I have asked FAA where are safe places free of aviation noise for people like me to live. FAA told me that in USA such places do not exist.
sparkie624 1
The Lunatic part is you Blaming Delta... Why not blame United, Why not blame Nasa... I mean really, those Rockets are loud... I think you have a Hate Complex. To take quote from Star Trek from Mr. Spock! "The Needs of the Many Out Weigh the few" - Just to decode that, you are in the few!
John Rogers 5
Was your home not near an airport when you purchase it? Is Delta the only airline that flies there? Just trying to understand the situation.
Anna Gray -3
There were no aircrafts when we moved in. FAA adopter NextGen in violation of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities without notifying most affected - noise sensitive neurodivergent community.
sparkie624 1
so Delta Moved in so that they could create Noise for you! You make no real since. I assume you have Police, Fire Trucks, and Ambulances to mute Sirens when they come by your house! You theory and statement is not on track. A Better Suggestion is to move way out in the country some where! Somewhere where there is nothing but Trees and flowing water from a creek... Go somewhere where it is quiet vs in a city near an airport! BTW, who was there first, you are the Airport?
James Simms 2
Oh please; take your vile, filthy hate elsewhere. Despite the good deed they did, you just had to pipe up.

It likely wasn’t easy getting time off to accomplish this, thus messing up crew schedules across the board.

I commend Delta for being so accommodating & adjusting crew schedules.

Being Disabled (I am, too), you should be applauding their efforts. If you’re not happy where you live, MOVE !!!
Anna Gray -3
No. We should not be forced out of our homes by disability abuse. This is just wrong.

As to the hate portion of your comment I will tell you this. Two of my 100% Autistic family members tried to commit suicide because of constant aircraft noise and unbearable pain that it has caused them. I have received mobility impairment from aircraft noise. We are not the haters here.
sparkie624 1
They were doing this for a non-Profit... They were not connecting to Delta, but to betterment of others... Don't Judge the Pilot by the company they fly for!
sparkie624 1
The FAA setups up the approaches and publishes the approaches... ATC is only using A tool provided to them by the FAA. Routings and Altitudes are setup by the FAA... Maybe if you would move away from an Approach Path or the Airport things would get better for you. Blaming Delta for this is like Blaming someone for passing gas, when you are the one who did it... Your Analogy is flawed.


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