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Indian Authorities To Hire More ATCs To Keep Up With Growing Traffic

The Indian skies are getting busier by the month as airlines ramp up operations and add new planes to the country’s overall fleet. But the country’s air traffic control seems to be lagging when it comes to matching the surge in traffic. With several posts lying vacant for quite some time, authorities are finally realizing the need to hire more air traffic controllers to keep up with future demands. ( More...

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patrick baker 3
Indian aviation companies are going to generate a massive, very large bump-up in pilot requirements, mechanics staffing, ATC employees- all levels, and where these folks will come from and what level of training they will possess will not be so obvious. Without having the needed folks, nothing can smoothly occur to make the transition into five hundred new Air India airliners happen smoothly , if at all. ROads to airports, parking at those fields, baggage systems, reservation systems, mass transit to and from airports: all these things we have in place in the west, sort-of, well guessing that it will require years of pushing the systems to achieve the numbers needed to make anything like smooth, seamless air transport in India, can not happen.


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