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United rolls out new family seating policy for economy tickets

Starting early next month, United's new "dynamic seat map feature" will enable passengers to book two seats together for travelers under 12 years old and an adult companion in the party for free on economy tickets, including basic economy fares. It does not apply to Polaris, first-class or Economy Plus tickets. ( More...

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David Folkard 1
This is something special? Another reason not to travel to the USA.
David Purtz -5
Letting the Biden administration have influence over airline seating policies when it can't effectively and efficiently run itself without running off the rails (quite literally) will be another disaster. What could possibly go wrong when the current so called transportation secretary is so grossly criminally incompetent?
Wayne Fox 7
The Biden administration had nothing to do with the train derailment in Ohio. The crew disregarded warnings about the overheated wheel bearing that eventually resulted in the catastropy. If you want to point blame, the Trump adminiostration cut back safety regulations for the rail industry that were impoosed by the Obama administration that were designed to prevent this sort of accident.
Allen Irons -1
lol. Yep, blame it all on TRUMP. He's responsible for all the negatives. Anything to deflect away from the Biden Crime Family. It's all good to get any government officials, of which the only thing they never screwed was a screw driver, be involved in any tech position. The libs are just having a fit so sorry, don't cry.


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