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CDC figuring out ‘logistical and legal’ aspects of testing airplane wastewater for coronavirus variants, source says

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is ironing out the “logistical and legal” aspects of testing wastewater from airplanes for coronavirus variants as it continues to explore such an infectious disease monitoring program. The agency is still “figuring out how to operationalize this program,” a person close to CDC discussions said, adding that there are “logistical and legal” hurdles that need to be sorted out before the program “would be operational.” ( More...

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btweston 6
Shitty idea.
bentwing60 1
for once, bt, we agree, the never ending continuation of the coof coup.
ToddBaldwin3 5
Why not? We’re using wastewater monitoring on our base as part of our early warning system. It’s quick and easy. I haven’t seen the validation data, so I wonder what i pact the Skykem has on the detection limits.
bentwing60 2
You must think john cornyn is a Texan!
Airlines already deal wit hthe restrictions of Aircraft Drinking Water Rules/Regulations, now they will be hit with Wastewater rules/regulations......

And people wonder why airlines get delays, maintenance issues, and a ticket costs what it does.

Maybe the CDC can recommend to the FAA that all airline passengers wear diapers and eliminate the lavatories altogether


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