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Where Are The World's Largest Aircraft Maintenance Facilities?

Aircraft are complex machines that require immaculate maintenance, repair, and overhaul at various intervals throughout their lifetime. Aircraft are subject to extreme wear due to varying environmental and operational conditions. Extensive maintenance facilities are required to carry out such operations, whether the engine overhaul or heaving maintenance on a jetliner. With thousands of parts, aircraft maintenance operations comprise hundreds of processes. Irrespective of the aircraft size,… ( More...

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Graham Bwdn 5
What's heaving maintenance? Is that cleaning up the cabin after a bunch of airsick pax deplane 🤣
Dan Chiasson 4
Hahahah. Another example of the non-existent editor(s) syndrome, let alone simple proofreading on this site. Perhaps the author should take a walk through the Tulsa AA facility to get a sense of what quality control is all about. Sheesh.
Kairho Carroll 3
Also, the size of AA's Tulsa facility being but "33 acres" sounded almost impossible. A quick search showed the real (and more reasonable) size of 330 acres.
Frosty1025 3
It is a new app that gets the passengers closer to “heaven”. It is based on how much money you pay for your ticket. The more money you pay the further away you get to “heaven”.
Don Whyte 1
33 acres equals 1.437,480 square feet so I guess the maintenance hangers must be two stories for there to be "over 3,000,000 square feet"...

One of my pet peeves is the spelling of manufacturers as manufactures. Didn't see that here thankfully.
Don Whyte 2
Sorry hangars not hangers. Guess we all can make typos, even super intelligent guys like me.
Very informative and comforting article!

--Serena Wittkopp, B.A.

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Dan Chiasson 2
This site has morphed from a content site of general interest to a noise / eyeball capture site since its purchase by Collins Aerospace.
bentwing60 2
It's toilet bowl swirl began well before that.
Roy Hunte 1
It's also the playground of one salty old linbb that rarely has anything of worth to say.
mbrews 1
Agreed. website would be improved, by adding had a block / ignore button or setting


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