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US Court Orders Southwest to Give Fired Pro-Life Flight Attendant Her Job Back

Should Airlines and unions be able to discriminate against employees because of their religious beliefs? I don’t care what side of the abortion debate anyone follows but I do believe people should have the right to their opinions when not on the job. Also unions should be banned from using member’s dues for political purposes that are not related to their industry. So let’s hear everyone’s opinions on free speech and unions wasting members money on issues that have nothing to do with their… ( More...

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paul wilson 6
It does seem safer at 30,000 ft to be with people that are pro-life, just saying
Alan Glover 1
Alan Glover 2

Laughing emoji. :)
sreekumar kumaran 2
Southwest and the unions have no place in advocating free speech, union officials get away with all kinds of wrongs from not performing their jobs while living on members dues.
waring 2
As far as I can tell from the article, the anti-abortion employee was complaining on Facebook that her union membership had chosen to participate in the Women's March, and didn't want to pay union dues. I suspect the union's issue with her had less to do with her religious beliefs, and more to do with her public (and possibly strident?) unwillingness to be part of the union (while still benefitting, of course, from their negotiations work.)
Alan Glover 2
Whatever happened to freedom of association?

I trust employers more than unions.
patrick baker 2
i don't want to hear from this or any other airline employee if i am on their flight. No tee shirts, no comments, no discussions, because i bought passage not an infomercial

jetserf 4
According to the article, the company fired her for a social media post not anything she did at work.
Tim Dyck 2
She was let go for her posts on social media and there is no mention of her saying or doing anything wrong at work. So the issue is with what a company can do about what a person does in their off hours.
jetserf 2
According to the article the company fired her for a social media post not anything she did at work.
perlova 2
The article is from CBN, they may be a bit biased in their reporting.
Probably more to this story.
George Lane 2
This does seem to be more about her philosophical disagreement with the union, rather than any form of expression she may have engaged in on the job.
perlova 0
This linked article is from the Christian Broadcasting Network. It may not be the whole unvarnished truth about this situation. In any case, Southwest lost and will appeal or will pay up. Doesn’t mean that employees can now post what they want on social media without fear of any consequences.


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