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Cat's out of the bag when TSA finds stowaway feline at JFK

Don't accuse the TSA of catnapping on the job. When an alert agent at New York's John F. Kennedy airport noticed tufts of orange fur poking out of a slightly unzipped suitcase, it gave him pause. As the bag went through the X-ray unit Nov. 16, the Transportation Security Administration agent was in for a surprise: Inside were four paws and a tail belonging to a feline stowaway. ( More...

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sparkie624 8
I am sure after he got him it turned into a PUR-R-R-R-Fect Day!
Roy Hunte 6
Was the cat 'feline' fine after?
ToddBaldwin3 6
That could have been a CATastrophe.
mary susan watkins 3
cats are "sneaky" little nature thay are quiet and elusive and can easily hide..i am glad they found the cat because they dont do well in airplanes,and i would bet had the suitcase been put in the overhead,the cat would have NOT been happy!

James Simms 2
Difference between a cat & a dog?

Put your wife/girlfriend & a your dog in the trunk of a car, come back an hour later, see which one is happy to see you?

Walk into a room w/a cat, it’ll look @ you as if to say ‘Who said you could come into MY room?’ Or ‘I didn’t say you could come into MY room’.
ed norton 2
This was a Cataclysmic event!!!
sharon bias 2
I had a cat stowaway during a car trip. Luckily I was only 1 hour into an 18 hour trip. Cat never made a sound. I just caught 2 ears peaking over some luggage in my rearview mirror. The delay to return the cat caused me to hit Seattle 5pm on a Friday traffic jam. I was not happy with that cat.


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