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Reagan National Eyes Replacement of Historic Terminal 1

Washington D.C.'s Reagan National Airport is set to redevelop its historic Terminal 1, formerly known as Terminal A. This proposed move comes after the airport completed construction on the $1-billion Project Journey, including replacing a set of bus gates known as 35X with a 14-gate commuter concourse. ( More...

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Joe Serdynski 5
do not touch any art deco ! ! ! especially the all that is hidden behind the drywall ! ! !

John D 3
I'd be surprised if they tampered with any of the historic parts of the building. While I have no inside knowledge, I expect they are aiming to replace the area that is called Terminal A. I wonder if they are looking at the corridor that connects Terminal B and A.
I am in agreement with you. The main building that opened in 1941 is a treasure and should be maintained.
Bayouflier 3
Somehow, I don't think they're talking about the banjo. Real estate at National has always been at a premium, and getting rid of Terminal one would include the main hall which. by the way, is a Historic building. Let's hope they can build around it. Next thing you know, they'll be going after the original terminal at IAD.


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