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U.S. suspends 26 flights on Chinese airlines — most out of L.A. — in COVID-19 dispute

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The U.S. government is suspending 26 flights by Chinese airlines from the U.S. to China — most of them out of Los Angeles — in a dispute over COVID-19 controls after Beijing suspended flights by American carriers. The Department of Transportation on Thursday complained that Beijing violated an air-travel agreement and treated airlines unfairly under a system that requires them to suspend flights if passengers test positive for the coronavirus. U.S. regulators suspended seven flights by Air China… ( עוד...

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Ray Zimmermann 6
The article says, "Beijing is easing travel curbs, but most foreign visitors still are barred from China." So who is traveling on all these flights to China?
Brandon Spring 4
Michael Dealey 4
in other words, "students".
Ed Kostiuk 6
Laughing, the hypocrisy
Shenghao Han 3
Interesting, I heard there would be no longer any travel restriction into China starting September 1st, 2022...
Jeffrey Trigg 3
they sent the the dang virus over here... now they are complaining ??? screw them... we have no business letting them in our country !!!
Michael Dealey 2
"The agency complained that airlines face “undue culpability” for passengers who present negative test results before boarding but test positive after arriving in China."

That should tell you everything you need to know. The "tests" have always been the problem. they are, and always were, the pandemic.

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