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Qatar 777 strikes pole sustaining significant wing damage

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A Qatar 777 sustained significant damage to a wing while taxiing at Chicago. See picture on link ( עוד...

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Charlie Roberts 10

That'll buff out
jeff creek 5
Will Qatar sue Boeing over this?
matt jensen 3
no lane change or proximity warning
Andy Cruickshank 3
No passengers disrupted. Looks like a freighter
jeff slack 3
I fully anticipate someone will take me apart for this but, how does this keep happening?
Roger Anderson 5
Sounds like ATC gave them taxi instructions onto a taxiway that can't handle heavies of this width. There is a note in the taxi charts, so I'm guessing Qatar will sack these pilots for not paying attention.
Chris B 3
But wait, there’s more!

Why is it always Chicago that screws up?

They seem to have major “housekeeping “ issues there.
Patrick Wahle 3
It’s a cargo flight. Maybe he was cleared to taxi to the wrong apron. It’s on the co-pilot’s side. Somebody didn’t call for obstruction.
Bill Butler 1
Man, that is one tough pole! Even though is bent a bit.
Kerry Moore 1
Looks like the pole got into the Front Spar so that is going to take a while to repair. I am sure Boeing is preparing an AOG Team to head to ORD!

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