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Canadian Airports are going to get even slower.

Trudeau government resumes mandatory random testing for air travel… ( More...

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Eve Olson 7
I wonder how they expect me to get an email after passing through customs. I don't have a smart phone and carrier pigeons probably aren't allowed in the airport.
waring 0
You'll receive an email. You can pick it up when you get online at your destination.
Tim Dyck 1
But without a smartphone how does he download the app, fill it out and submit it?
Not everyone has smart phones and in Canada were most of the north has no coverage there are a lot of people who don’t see the point in buying one.
michael hagerty 2
Does this apply for those from US who connect to Europe vis Toronto?
Tim Dyck 1
Tim Dyck 1
Sorry hit the post button before I finished. Yes for anyone leaving the customs aria. From my understanding if you stay within as you switch planes they won't harass you.

Jim Webster 2
Even thought the testing is a waste of time - sort of like our government - it won't affect anything at the airport as it is done off site.
Tim Dyck 2
Wether it’s done at the airport or off site it still slows down people arriving in Canada. The whole “offsite” thing is just political BS so the government can say they are not holding up passengers at the airport.
murray murray 3
welcome to the union of socialist republic of canada or as some call it. little china
Mike Mohle 3
Total waste of time and money. Maybe they can also test for the common cold while they are it. Just canceled my 2 week vacay to Canada!!!!!!!!!! They don't want me or my $$$, I don't want them.
Rick D 5
Don't take it personally, Mike. I am a Canadian and they don't want me either
cptau 3
So much for the great Canadian freedom.
Tim Dyck 1
For reasons unknown to me Flight Aware would not accept the link to TNC. The story I was trying to post is here…
waring 0
Why would random testing performed outside of airports slow any f2f passenger interaction in airports? You hand your customs form over as usual, and walk out of the airport. If you've been randomly selected, you get a test done later, either virtually or at a pharmacy.
Gord Hoff -2
True North News? Lord


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