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Southwest Airlines proposed a ploy to deceive FAA on Boeing 737 MAX, legal filing alleges

In April 2016, when Boeing’s 737 MAX was in flight test a year ahead of its certification by the Federal Aviation Administration, Southwest Airlines made a strange proposal to Boeing — one that suggests an effort to deceive the FAA. According to a legal filing by attorneys pursuing a lawsuit against the airline, Southwest manager Bill Lusk asked Boeing officials, including the MAX chief technical pilot Mark Forkner, if engineers could install a new flight control safety alert required for the… ( More...

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sparkie624 15
This is no surprise to me, Being a Mechanic for them many years ago I was asked to do things that risked my license and certainly were not legal by any aspect. I am not sure if they have improved over last number of years, but I will drive long before I will fly South West. As a mechanic, I never had a problem with the crews and all seemed competent and did a good job taking care of the passengers. My big concern is the Maintenance... The last straw with them was they knew an engine was leaking oil (on the ground) and was out of limits. When I was assigned to clean the oil out from under and engine that they knew was out of limits, I turned in my resignation! the title on this article says a lot, but I would say is an understatement! They have been deceiving the FAA for years and that was proven a number years ago!
k7kdh 10
Sparkie speaks the truth
bentwing60 4
Hey Sparkie, the disdain for SWA on your part is no surprise to anyone here with a modicum of 'time in type' on this site. Can you name any airline you subsequently wrenched for that had a 'Better' safety record?

In my early days at XYZ freight I was a low time FO and A&P and wrenched on a big inspection or two on a 20 series when not flying and oddly enough often flew the test flight if required. If the crew chief wouldn't sit in the non-existent Lear jump seat I would not go either and 'It Was Understood'. If you had no faith in your product why would a pilot? The SWA folks in your day flew their ashes off and maintained a no losses, no fatals record, apparently long after you were gone. Two sides to every coin. Just sayin'.
sparkie624 3
The child getting killed was before me. I worked for them in 2008
Victor Engel 3
You mean the one where they landed with an 8 knot tailwind without deploying thrust reversers timely after inadequate training? Were there any maintenance issues that contributed to that incident?
sparkie624 1
sparkie624 3
All of the ones that I have worked for have been better... Piedmont Mainline, USAir (after takeover), Piedmont Regional, Pinnacle Airlines/Endeavor, & GoJet Airlines. None of those that I listed are even in close ranking to South West... In regards to their safety record at SWA, I beg to differ... In MDW, They landed and slid off the end of the runway, through the wall and hit a car in an intersection, Crew error, Landed with 4500 feet of runway, needed 5300 fett A young child was killed 6 years old died (Crew Error on landing in snow) . 2018, Uncontained Engine Failure, 1 person died, Sucked mostly out of a window
bentwing60 -4
Hey Sparkie, haven't you heard, they disabled the disinformation platform and any sort of in depth net search would quickly reveal that your Gypsie Simpson 260 and tool box have resided in more than one hangar with more hull losses, sans. Go Jet, than SWA has affirmed fatals! since day One. Two fatals and zero hull losses. Might be best to not present personal bias as fact when the cuffs don't match the collar and walking down the aisle in white!
darjr26 1
Sorry to tell you bent, but southwest had a hull loss in Burbank when they ran off the end of runway 08 and came to a stop next to a Chevron station. There were a lot of injuries, two were serious. Fortunately the airport installed an EMAS system on runway 08 so when Southwest ran off the runway again, in 2018, while landing downwind in a rain storm, the EMAS system saved them. Takeoffs and landings downwind are a Southwest specialty.
bentwing60 1
Yep, my bad!
darjr26 1
You’re forgiven! 😉
sparkie624 1
We aren't talking about GoJet. We are talking about SWA and how they operate!
druck13 6
The thought that an airline could do so much to ensure it's pilots remained ignornant of the plane they were mean to fly, is really disturning.
druck13 2
Disturbing even!
Shenghao Han 6
Safety of course shouldn't be overlooked, but this sounds like money thirsty lawyer trying to dig up any dirt on Boeing and Southwest...
Mike Hindson-Evans 2
...and your point is?? This ua Americ, after all. But what a way to run an airline.
Highflyer1950 4
I assume Southwest pilots are so under trained that they had to be told which way to roll the aircraft to lessen the bank. Bank angle voice annunciation has been around for years long before the NG or the Max and most competent pilots were trained on unusual attitude recovery. If you really want to separate the wheat from the chaff…… about a hand flown approach using stby instruments?
Preferably to be performed by a random passenger.
Sean Awning 2
Seems a bit harsh to blame corporate conniving on the pilots rather than on Lusk. If someone ran that test of hand-flying with stby instruments, SWA's pilots would pass at about the same rate as any other crews. The airlines are so desperate to fill those right-hand seats, and the pax are so eager to fly at those discounted fares, they'll take the Children of the Magenta and then blame the airframe when something goes wrong.
Highflyer1950 5
Possibly, but I get your point.
Sean Awning 5
Maybe I understood you too. People will pay extra for fancy seats and privacy curtains and better booze, but they don't seem to care that they're getting the same flight crew, ground crew, maintenance, and air traffic control as economy class.
Nicole Chiavacci 1
Sparkies around …..sorry
Jaime Terrassa 1
they know they messed up but will not admit it so they pass down
Nicole Chiavacci 1
I wish there were more sparkles around👏
Dominic Gates before:

“This centers around MCAS,” said [SWAPA president captain Jon] Weaks. “You cannot train for what’s not in the (pilot) manual. And MCAS was not in the manual.”

Dominic Gates now:

Southwest conducted an intensive review of the MAX’s systems, pilot procedures and flight manuals and came across mention of MCAS in a pilot checklist for an emergency procedure, the legal filing shows. Southwest contacted Boeing to remove MCAS from the checklist; it was.

Standards? We don't need no stinking standards.
Jim Allen -1
Sounds like a Boeing spin job trying some revisionist history. Let’s wait to see the proof.
Harry Schluderberg -1
Ambulance chasing lawyers and wannabe victims looking for easy money.
Marcus Giddens 3
Murderous corporations valuing profit over people.


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