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IndiGo: Man says he hacked airline website to find lost luggage

A man says he was forced to hack into a domestic Indian airline's website to find his missing luggage ( More...

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coinflyer 3
As always, customer service is the airline's lowest priority--in a business where serving customers is its raison d'etre.
Larry Toler 1
While I was a flight attendant I always told people our pax are our "bread and butter." Without them we'd have no job. I used to tell my pax the same thing, especially when I worked United Express flights and United wanted pax to fill out forms about their experience. I came out with a favorable rating. My experience as a passenger on different airlines and as a former Air Transportation Specialist in the Air Force gave me a great opportunity to stick it to the airlines as a big FU. Plus I had a bet with my former boss after we got laid off from the industrial construction world that I'd be fired in six months because of my anger issues. Lol, I lasted 4 years but my wife had health issues and I couldn't be gone all the time and had to resign. My former boss still didn't pay me the bet, but unfortunately he passed away years ago. Great times though.
sharon bias 1
This gives me shivers. What about credit card data and other personal information? An airline this sloppy with their electronic security is a "no go" with me.


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