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Alaska Airlines Hijacking Scare: 10-year-old AirDrops Threat to Fellow Passenger

On Sunday evening, Alaska Airlines Flight 16 from Seattle-Tacoma to Orlando International Airport was forced to hold on the ground after landing following a report of a hijacking threat. A passenger onboard reported receiving an AirDrop message from an unknown person highlighting a threat that the aircraft was going to be hijacked. The passenger reported the message to a flight attendant and the aircraft was subsequently instructed not to proceed to the terminal. It was then quickly surrounded… ( More...

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Highflyer1950 6
One would hope that Disney visit had been cancelled due to this stupidity, if that was in fact the destination?
ADXbear 3
Yea, let's keep on giving little kids what ever they want! The parents should be fined.

Shenghao Han 2
Poor parenting, someone is getting grounded...
Bbuman -4
Incident needs to be put on the bairns
Permanent record.
patrick baker -5
lets see the big bad government agency so stern on stopping these crimes act the part, slam the little kid around the justice system, and act on their posturing.


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