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Alaska's Anchorage prepares for extra air traffic from airlines bypassing Russian airspace

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ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Anchorage airport is set to welcome airlines aiming to bypass Russian airspace ( עוד...

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Ichiro Sugioka 5
It is also interesting to note that Japanese airlines are not impacted. Example: JAL44
Ray Zimmermann 1
JAL44 now goes westbound, adding about 4-5 hours to its flight time.
jptq63 3
Interesting / related to flight pattern in EU -- PBD263 on March 2, 2022 -- but wonder if similar flight patterns would evolve here and elsewhere. Also wonder if EU would start rejecting any flight entering EU airspace from Russian airspace regardless of origin of flight? I.e. thought here is to level the playing field or rather the flight routes of planes from countries not barred from Russian airspce...?
sharon bias 3
Hopefully the airport is ratcheting up services now. They need to make sure they have extra jet fuel available on very short notice. Maybe get building extra jet fuel storage tanks?
Hubert Kraft 0
Should be temporary only. Once when Putin has been removed and everything went to quiet normal, planes will go the direkt route
Dan Chiasson 5
Your definition of "temporary" is???? Days, Weeks, Months, Years?????
strickerje 1
I guess technically, just about everything is temporary then. ;) I also don't anticipate this being over particularly soon either, but hopefully I'm wrong on that.
Iain Maciver 2
I would not count on that.
Dan Chiasson 1
Sean Awning 1
Where are they going to park? Polar 2 and 6? UPS 14 and 15? Is there a hydrant at TWY Juliet?
Chuck Pergiel 2
Why is parking a problem?
Sean Awning 1
Haha, different priorities. I don't care where the pax park, I was thinking of the aircraft, especially the big freighters.
strickerje 1
I might be wrong on this, but I thought ANC used to be busier than it is now since it was a refueling point back when airliners had shorter range, similar to Gander, Moncton, and Bangor. I wouldn't think they'd need parking anyway if it's just to refuel.
Sean Awning 2
PS -- They're having a really bad snow day 3/5, missed approaches for braking, UPS 108 had an engine fail on takeoff, declared an emergency and headed to Fairbanks rather than land at PANC. Parking stands are filling up. Give their ATC some applause for handling all that as if it were routine -- which, unfortunately, it is.
Sean Awning 2
It's still a refueling point. There's an underground pipe system so they don't have to roll multiple trucks to refuel the big freighters, and a limited number of hydrants connected to the system. There isn't a lot of extra apron and taxiway space, nowhere to do ground holds.
Chuck Pergiel 1
Can't fly over Russia anymore? Sounds like the Cold War. See this map:

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