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Boeing Sees Dramatic Rise in Asia's Traffic Share by 2040

Although publication of Boeing's Commercial Market Outlook (CMO) took place in September, precluding the ability to include projections based on the effects of the latest Omicron coronavirus strain, the working assumption calls for a return to pre-2019 growth rates once the world emerges from the pandemic. Whether or not that proves to be the case, the Asia-Pacific region—with China at the forefront—will likely serve as the most prominent engine for growth in global aviation. ( More...

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JJ Johnson -2
Not if China invades Taiwan with Moron Joe and Kackling Kamala in the White House. They could slip into the dark ages brought on by War. They also should improve their Bio Lab security and stop blaming everything on Bats.
matt jensen 1
Xi is waiting in the wings for joey to be distracted with Vlad about to re-annex Ukraine. Vlad is fully in charge and the Chinese have very long memories of what westerners have done to them over the centuries. North American services will be curtailed and Asia will rise like cream to the top. Get your Mandarin dictionary out.


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