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Super Bowl Spat Leads to Fight Aboard Frontier Plane

AFrontier Airlines flight was about to take off from Cleveland on Wednesday night when a man reportedly lunged at an airline employee, causing another passenger to put him in a chokehold in an incident that was caught on video. According to Cleveland news station WJW, witnesses said that two passengers were speaking about the Cincinnati Bengals playing in the Super Bowl, when an airline employee approached one of the passengers and said they had too much to drink. ( More...

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patrick baker 3
Considering the many millions of pasengers now flying with diverse favorite teams, most of whom not in the current super bowl, is it surprising a few drunken fights over something or other fan-related? Forgoe the rush to make new laws against this- instead enforce the ones we already have on assault and battery. Jail time is jail time no matter what the offense. People who have had too much to drink are a tad touchy about being called out on that, sometimes reacting with physical violence. Indict, try, convict and imprison and fine them as appropriate.
linbb -4
Wow how nice that would be but since our Governor Brown here in OR is letting convicted murders out on early release and others not even prosecuted. Oh like the Antifa and squatters lining the streets being allowed to roam. Doubt if this stuff even gets notice see there is little they have done so far.


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