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5G Rollout Fiasco

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Emirates president calls 5G rollout fiasco the 'most delinquent mess he's seen in his entire career'... chaos after dozens of flights were canceled - and then uncanceled ( עוד...

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avionik99 1
Once again there is Zero proof that 5G has had any issues whatsoever. Many models of Aircraft have been approved for use with the 5G rollout. It is a political mess within the FAA!
Mark Paladino 3
Agreed. This should have been handled seamlessly and a long time ago. For some reason various parties chose this route...
jeff slack 1
So what's different? Why has Europe had no problems in their 5g rollout?
Partly, it's the nature of bureaucracy, and partly it's that 5G uses slightly different bands in Europe than it does in the US.
linbb 0
Um need to read a little further but quick draw posts like yours are wrong here. Within some models they may have the proper radar altimeter. Also just one time and if you were sitting up in the pointy end on a cat2 approach with one that has not been cleared things are very different. You also have ZERO proof there is not.

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