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American Airlines Investigates Pilot’s ‘Lets Go Brandon’ Bag Tag

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American Airlines is investigating a disgruntled tweet regarding one of its pilots. ( עוד...

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ADXbear 9
Get a grip... this is what our soldiers fought for, our rights as Americans to free speach and our why of life, of all companies to take corrective action, a company called American.. shameful if you do!

I for one will not fly American again if you do reprimand this pilot.. political correctness in a society living in a Grey world without colors doing there best to make other miserable with them!
patrick baker 1
you can refuse to fly American for a few better reasons than this. How about tighter and tighter seats, how about a miniscule restroom, how about imperial sterwardesses, how about trashy food, how about pathetic customer service? THose are good causes to avoid American Airlines.
paul trubits -4
Every employer has a dress code. It is to make sure that when you are at work you represent them in the best possible light. Let him put the bag tag on his gym bag instead.
Michael Warren 4
Then flight attendants shouldn’t be able to wear BLM pins, should they. You can’t have it both ways.
Mike Hindson-Evans 2
What an interesting spectacle from across the Pond.
Chris Maguire 1
'spose if he's seen eating a Maca's some Karen will throw a Greta ......
Very disappointing that nowadays some people won't get out of bed until they've found something pathetic to be "offended" about .....
Bandrunner 1
The complainer is probably too thick to get it.
patrick baker -2
the contest between free speech and good manners is ongoing. THis pilot is hung up on his rights , ignoring his obligations to other citizens to speak honestly (whatever that is in any circumstance). THe pilot is paid to do his defined job, so when he ventures outside the lines we are all free to ignore his outbursts.
Andy Cruickshank -2
Not sure I would want a pilot who displays poor judgement in several areas flying me and my family
Michael Warren 3
Looks like you’re the one with poor judgement.
Chris Maguire 1
So - if he/she had a bag tag saying "Joe Biden is fantastic", that'd be just fine - you'd fly with them without any concern?
Andy Cruickshank 1
Did not say that anywhere. Please do not tell me what I am thinking. I already know.
Chris Maguire 1
"Not sure I..." does tend to lean towards you don't "...already know." .... hence the valid question ..... - you don't need to answer tho ....

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