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Boeing suspends its vaccination mandate for US-based workers after court halts Biden's vaccine requirement for federal contractors (Dec 17)

-Boeing said its decision came after a review of a US District Court ruling earlier this month that halted the enforcement of Biden's vaccine requirement -Some big healthcare chains and companies such as General Electric, Spirit AeroSystems, and Amtrak have also suspended vaccine mandates for workers -In recent weeks, the number of Boeing employees seeking a vaccine exemption on religious or medical grounds had reached more than 11,000 Boeing's vaccination requirement has resulted in… ( More...

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srobak 5
Since it has been a while....

Math time!

USPOP: 332,401,000 ( as of this morning)
USCOVID: 52,800,000 ( as of this morning)

15.88% of population is infected. 16 in every 100 people.

USCOVDEAD: 817,000 ( as of this morning)

1.54% of infected die. 98.46% of those infected survive (up 0.07% since last month). 3 of every 200 infected die
0.24% of USPOP die. 99.76% of all people in the US survive. 1 out of every 500 people die.

These numbers are in line with the rates prior to vaccinations being available, +/- 0.03%

Simple. Basic. Math.

Here are the covid death probability statistics in the US (total USPOP, even without the vax)

[2.4% COVID Risk Age 80+]
1.1% chance of dying by suicide
1% chance of dying of an opioid overdose
0.9% chance of tripping over and dying
0.9% chance of dying in a motor vehicle crash
[0.6% COVID Risk Age 70-79]
0.3% chance of dying in a gun-crime shooting
[0.07% COVID Risk Age 50-59]
0.06% chance of dying in a fire
0.04% chance of choking to death
[0.02% COVID Risk Age 40-49]
0.01% chance of dying of sunstroke
0.01% chance of dying in an accidental gun discharge
[0.007% COVID Risk Age 30-49]
0.007% chance of dying due to electrocution, radiation, extreme temperatures, and pressure
[0.002% COVID Risk Age 20-29]
0.001% chance of dying in a cataclysmic storm
0.001% chance of being mauled to death by a dog
0.001% chance of being stung to death by wasps and bees
[0.0005% COVID Risk Age 10-19]
0.0007% chance of being killed by lightning
[0.0001% COVID Risk Age 5-9]
Ken Lane 4
The math tells the truth.

I'll trust the math long before I trust a single idiot working in government.
paula medders 1

Unfortunately, you will be down-voted for using actual data.

Adding a data point: 50% to 80% (depending on who you believe) of COVID deaths could have been prevented by first-week treatment that was against NIH guidelines.

Sadly, a significant number of "COVID" deaths may have been caused by remdesivir toxicity, but we will never know the real number.
Douglas Friday 11
...and just like that, the conservative dominated 6th circuit court of appeals has reinstated the rule:

“Given OSHA’s clear and exercised authority to regulate viruses, OSHA necessarily has the authority to regulate infectious diseases that are not unique to the workplace,” Judge Julia Smith Gibbons wrote in her majority opinion.
J J Anderson 7
And people in black robes do not control what I will or will not put in MY body. So sell your liberal non-freedom loving crap elsewhere!

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pete maestrales 8
Morons like Skinucta believe Presidents can just declare whatever "rules" they want and citizens must obey. Thanks to the genius of the Founding Fathers it doesn't work like that.
John Prukop 0
Your "President" is a mumbling, dementia-filled, cognitive deficit MORON being controlled just like a a Bert & Ernie PUPPET! Wake up. You have been duped, deceived and deluded. Here are the facts: IMPORTANT VIDEO: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich's Opening Statements - Grand Jury:
Ken Lane 3
The idiot is wrong. OSHA does not have a statutory authority to mandate such a thing.

It will be reversed at the USSC.

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Spencer Hoefer 21
You do know you can still get covid even after you get the shot, right?
J J Anderson 3
Of course he doen't know that! That would require critical thinking. Sheep can't do that, it's why they are Sheep.
skinutca -2
The sheep are the ignorant buffoons who won’t get vaccinated on the advice of Fox or Dr Joe Rogan. They do however want the same science and doctors they reject to care for them when they do get sick. I think they should just go to Dr Rogan or the Fox HQ instead.
dnorthern 1
Your thought processes are very simplistic. And not useful
Terry Jones 3
Yes you can, 70% less likely to and 70% less likely to be severe enough to need hospital treatment and if you do 70% less likely to die. But hey you take the chance you are obviously not a betting man!
Alain Duncan 6
Terry, where did you get your data that you are 70% less likely to catch covid after the vaccination? All the data I've seen suggests that you are just as likely or even more likely to catch and spread the disease.

Just looking at the raw data and comparing state by state, country by country, those where the vaccination rates are highest also have the highest rates of "cases". You might be right about reduced hospitalization and death, but I would love to see the evidence of reduced transmission.
Alain Duncan 5
For those downvoting me, can you simply answer my question instead? Or are you admitting that you have absolutely no clue with your downvote?
dmedders 3
Terry pulled his data from his nether region — same source Fauci uses.
dmedders 0
I challenge you to support those statistics with a peer reviewed study. Not a news story, a peer reviewed scientific study.

Spoiler: You will be unable.
skinutca 0
Easily done of you just spend a couple of min on PubMed.
Alain Duncan 2
Do you have a link or at least the name of a study that shows that the jabbed are less likely to catch the coof? Downvote for "no".
Ken Lane 1
You don't always need a study. Just a look at the raw number of cases and resulting deaths does the trick.

Looking at the same thing told us the original virus was 97% survivable even with the effect on the older population.

Of course, you had to have gotten a decent education teaching you how to do basic math. Did you get that? Or, were they too busy teaching you how to feel guilty over white privilege or some other bullshit?
Alain Duncan 1
I have looked at the raw numbers from as many sources as I could find and they seem to show higher infection rates but lower hospitalization/death rates for the vaccinated. I'm interested in seeing the data that support the claim that vaccines reduce infection rates. So far I haven't seen it.

Thankfully, I'm old enough that they were not yet teaching "white privilege" in math class when I was a kid. Even so, I don't think I ever learned anything in elementary/high school math that I hadn't already learned at home when I was 5 y.o. The level of understanding (or lack of) among university-level science majors is frankly terrifying. I'm pretty sure the authors of 99% of scientific research papers lack the minimal understanding of statistical methods needed to justify their published conclusions.
Ken Lane 1
Use Stastistica.
dmedders 1
We’re standing by for your report.
dmedders 1
We’re still waiting, skinutca.

Apparently it was not so easily done.
J J Anderson -1
So the recovery rate is 99.5% but as a betting man you choose 70%. Brilliant!
skinutca -1
People who don’t understand statistics or medicine are always good for a chuckle. Thanks skippy.
Tim Segulin -2
If you contract covid...

-Fully vaccinated = runny nose, headache, cough, brief isolation

-Un-vaccinated = serious permanent damage, hospitalization, ICU, maybe death

I'll take the vaccine thanks.
srobak 4
flatly false, and speaking from firsthand experience.
Ken Lane 2
Wrong, Timmy. Find honest sources.
Ken Lane 2
Oh, and explain this... 25 of a crew of 100, infected.

All were vaccinated.
dnorthern 4
Absolutely incorrect. You are extrapolating extremes to the whole.

There have been many cases where unvaccinated have been asymptomatic.

Don’t be a fear mongering fool
J W 2
Not true. Not even close. BTW it's not a vaccine.
dnorthern 6
And you do realize the vaccinated can spread COVID.

Also, a substantial vector of COVID is children
Terry Jones 2
Yes I do but they are 70% less likely to catch it in the first place, pretty good odds I would say!
dmedders 7
Again, I challenge you to support your statistic with a peer reviewed study. Not a news story, a peer reviewed scientific study.
Point of note. Per review doesn't exist as it used to for covid related studies. It takes roughly 2 years for that process. Studies are being FastTrack now
Alain Duncan 2
Where did you get this information? I really would like to know.
You seem really fixated on 70%. Let me educate you. 70% of omicron infections are in vaccinated people. 70% was the supposed herd immunity that never happened. 70% is the percentage by which omicron is less likely to hospitalized you compared to the delta variant. I could go on and on. Stop pretending that CNN has all the answers. Read the studies yourself. Don't listen to science, read science and form your own informed opinion. Stop watching mainstream media. FAUCHI today actually said most people could conceivably build enough natural immunity from the omicron to seriously disrupt future outbreaks. I'm surprised he didn't blow up when he said that. If course he follows that up with go get your booster. And finally, 66, almost 70, the confirmed cases of reinfection of covid in the entire world, as of November. This all comes from studies and our who and cdc info. Wake up to reality
avionik99 -1
@linbb The vaccine does not stop anyone from getting or spreading Covid!I know I was fully vaxed and 7 of us still got covid! 25% of people dying from covid are fully vaxed. The covid vaccine is Nothing like a real vaccine that actually stops the spread of a disease. So we should force this on No One!!
Alain Duncan 4
People don't like to hear the truth, apparently. It's a lot easier to fool a person than to convince them they've been fooled.
pete maestrales 3
Even if it was effective you cannot force a free human being to do anything they dont want to do, much less inject something into their body. How is this not obvious?
Colin Seftel 10
I've copied this from a Facebook post. Don't take it too seriously!

I refuse to put on winter tires because:
• It’s my car, my choice, my freedom.
• The effectiveness of winter tires is not proven, except by studies carried out by the manufacturers (like I’m supposed to trust them).
• My neighbor Bob had an accident even after putting on winter tires.
• Some drivers are already on their 3rd set of tires, which proves their ineffectiveness.
• We do not know what the tires are made of.
• The tire manufacturers scare us with winter just to enrich themselves.
• In fact, I read on the internet that the tire giants invented snow and spread it at night when you sleep.
• If I have winter tires, the government can track me in the snow.
Educate yourself, open your eyes, stop being sheep!
This year, I say no to winter tires!
Terry Jones 4
Brilliant! Unfortunately you will never convince people like Demostenes, they think everything is a conspiracy I don’t know how they leave the house with all this covert surveillance going on around them lol.
Alain Duncan 0
Most things are a conspiracy, actually. It's just human nature to work with others to advance your own self-interests. What's delusional is thinking that politicians and CEOs are acting for your benefit and not their own. Their interests might or might not coincide with yours. The more they are allowed to use force against you (where politicians are involved) the greater the divergence between their interests and yours.
William Robertson 4
I refuse to put on winter tires because I live in an area that doesn’t get snow.

Everyone’s cost benefit analysis numbers are different. Cui bono?
Alain Duncan 1
Funny, except tire manufacturers actually *are* lobbying governments to mandate winter tires and fear mongering the public so they can enrich themselves.
dnorthern 1
Not even an analogy at all

The problem is people like you believe anything you see on Facebook.
Ken Lane 0
Not the same things, dippy.
Ian Garthwaite 2
The ensuing debate is fun to read. :)
James Y 1
Ain’t gonna be a debate! Might as well be a shouting and spitting contest inside a hurricane.

I haven’t read a post but I bet it will be nothing but ad hominem attacks and a bunch of “facts”, lies, and distortions from a certain ideological bent. And the other ideological bent will try to use logic and maybe some emotional arguments.

I wish that the comments would be turned off for this train wreck .
Ken Lane 5
Get rid of ALL mandates upon a human body with what is clearly still an experimental vaccine.

Now, get rid of the stupid mask mandates. That's even more idiotic on airliners, especially at altitude.
mary susan watkins 7
my questions still remains..would you NOT wear a seatbelt in a moving vehicle to prevent being thrown out?would you puposely expose yourself to mumps,measles,chickenpox aids or any other contagious disese when you knew there were ways to prevent getting sick?no pun intended but "vaccinations are worth a shot" in at least trying to remain healthy and not spread the covid virus...
Alain Duncan 7
Mary, would you wear a seat belt that had a high likelihood of causing permanent injury/death to the wearer? Or would you choose to just drive more carefully?

Also, where did you get the idea that this particular "vaccine" stops the spread of the virus? The drug companies studies only claimed that it would reduce the severity of the symptoms. All the data I've seen suggests that the vaccinated are *more* likely catch and spread the virus. This isn't a normal vaccine like mumps, measles or chicken pox.

We all need to make choices for ourselves based on our own circumstances. For some, experimental and dangerous medical treatments might be worth the risk. For others, not so much. That's a decision you need to make for yourself.
Duane Mader 0
J J Anderson 6
And the sheep continue to bleat as they mindlessly follow the lemmings of the cliff.

Had Covid, beat it and have natural immunity, BUT Let's not talk about that as it hurts big Pharma's bottom line!

No death dart for me.
skinutca -1
Lambs such as yourself are so lost in your echo chamber of ignorance you fail to realize that not only are you the sheep, you are infantile ones at that.
that virus got more attention based on lies and actors, scripts followed by president... lies and lies and lies... Of course, I would use seatbelt. that is more credible to follow guidelines on air... make sense? The virus could be controlled by natural treatment as many people do in South America. They don't go to Hospitals to die and get more lies. I am writing you from South America where people died by other reasons... fraud and more fraud... how do you know your friend, relative and neighbor died by a virus? did you get the autopsy report? No autopsy. Yeah we are not allowed to go thru that... Only the appointed EXPERTS know what we should do...what about the true behind? their opinion doesn't count or their report are fake news by the CCN and other channels.. of course... we got the virus of fear... we got the virus of I am against a vaccine that is not properly searched... these authors behind the stage... created a PROBLEM, They got the reaction.. that is fear in people and now they have the solution... the vaccine, the BIG BUSINESS. Isn't that familiar for you who read this? In Peru, children are being vaccinated but the elderly was not the focused, why the whole population?
darjr26 4
In the sixties and early seventies our country was in a war with North Vietnam. We also had a draft. No one, including me, wanted to get drafted or be sent to Vietnam but if you were drafted you had to go. You could disagree with the war, and many did, but unless you were wealthy or had connections you still had to go. Around 50,000 troops were killed in SE Asia and many of those were draftees. When I hear people whining today about a simple requirement to wear a mask and get vaccinated in order to save peoples lives, I just shake my head. They have no idea what words like self sacrifice and serving your country really mean. Sometimes in life you have to do things that serve the greater good even if you disagree with it. You’re not being told to go to war, just to wear a mask and get a shot.
Alain Duncan 3
Two wrongs don't make a right. How many people do you figure died from the jab so far in the US? It's 20,000 and counting according to VAERS but we know that only a tiny minority are actually reported. We're probably well beyond the number of deaths of soldiers sent to Vietnam already. But regardless, the atrocities of the past don't justify the atrocities of today.
Ken Lane 2
There is a distinct difference between the defense of liberty and the violation of liberty.

Never mind the fact masks DO NOT WORK. THat has been proven with use of masks in the real world and not one single study contradicts that.

Being forced to buy health insurance for no other reason than you exist is a violation of basic liberty. The USSC was wrong in their opinion as was Roberts.

Forcing others to comply with others' demands just so they can feel safe is wrong. If you want to feel safe, take actions on your own behalf. Do not force your beliefs and desires on others. Isn't that the liberal belief against Christianity?

As for serving the country, those who are pushing masks the most heavily... have never actually served. And, they're dang sure too old to know and understand the war where we actually last fought for the defense of this nation and the liberty of citizens against an evil empire intent on defeating us. Now, we have an establishment that wants to destroy liberty from within.

You can bet those in Japan who were around then are laughing at us.
emkostiuk 3
So the debate begins. DO I, or DO I NOT, take a vaccine. I'm reminded of a few years past, well to me a few years passed, where Marines were standing in a line waiting to get vaccinated for combat. As we approached the "gun" we were asked to sign a Top Secret document....what is this for? The shot is top secret you can decline and be sent back to the State or you can do your duty and save America....OK I will take the shot, not a big deal it will be in my medical records.

Now we move FWD in time and the year is 2020....things start breaking out on my body so I head to the VA.....we don't know what they are but we are seeing a lot of them for those of you that served in the Middle East. Now being a good retired Marine I start to worry about the younger Marines who are having the same I ask...........could it be that top-secret shot you had us sign for? What shot? There is no record of you taking a shot in your medical records. Well, you had us sign a top-secret document and told us we would be sent home if we failed to sign for it and that it could impact future promotions. SO myself and hundreds, if not thousands, of my fellow Marines signed your document and took your shot.

Well, I'm sorry sir but we don't see anything in your records that indicate they gave you anything but what is normal for combat deployment.

So time moves on for a few months and I get a call from a NAM buddy. Hey Ed Charlie B died from cancer the VA finally agreed it was from his agent Orange............wait hold on.....NOW the light blub turns on.........didn't our Government tell the American people in the late 60s and 70s "No we didn't spray the jungles with Agent Orange."

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yes to Vax or not Vax..........Let me think about this long and hard.
Cleffer 4
I'm a Desert Storm vet and they did the same thing to us with a shot from Sweden for Anthrax. As the years have passed, I've developed complications, but I can't point at it directly, just that my family has absolutely no medical history with the things that are happening to me. Once again, nothing in the records, of course.
J J Anderson 5
Thank you for your service!! But of course the defenders of Freedom are soon forgotten.
dmedders 2
How can anyone down-vote this post? Or Cleffer’s?

Our mass psychosis technology has created a large group of sheeple unable to accept anything inconsistent with the fear mongering narrative.

Unfortunately, we do not always use our technology for good.
mcut -2
Glory Hallelujah! The United States isn’t completely insane yet.

God Bless the Resisters. Hold the line!
linbb -7
Yup got that right let them die like the stupid people they are. There is no reason why they should not get there shots. Those not doing so are plugging up hospitals everywhere. Oh forgot its all fake just like my wifes four friends which were not vacxed had Thanksgiving dinner together and passed in the last two weeks. YUP really smart decisions people like you are doing. With that type of thinking there still would be hundereds with polio among other things.
avionik99 2
7 fully vaxed of my relatives including me plus others who were not vaxed all got covid over halloween. The vaccine does not work well at all. No one should be forced to get this shot!

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

ADXbear 1
Glad I don't work there.. you watch and see how many get sick from this Omicrome variant, hope everyone e where's masks... this virus is never going completely away.
Cleffer 3
Kind of like influenza.
Ken Lane 1
Educate yourself. It's effect is that no more than a mild cold.
get sick from this Omicrome variant, how do you know? Did you dig deep on this? I am against covid vaccines.
John Prukop 1
Here's the necessary MISSION for every PILOT and wannabee: Your mission is to help Dr. Reiner Fuellmich spread the information contained in this International Grand Jury video. This doctor and his team of world renowned physicians have done tremendous work gathering information, evidence and other proofs, putting all of this together. Your job is to make it known and it is difficult because ALL of the MSM is in LOCKSTEP with the power hungry Globalists who are controlling the COVID narrative to your injury and death for their New World Order and Global Reset agenda: IMPORTANT VIDEO: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich's Opening Statements - Grand Jury:
dmedders 1
This will make some leftie heads explode.

Standby for the down-votes....
Wayne Fox -1
Let's get serious here. COVID-19 will not go away until it has nobody let to infect. Whether the immunity is by injection or infection only when we have reached "herd" immunity will it go away. I chose the injection method 3 times but being 75 with COPD I still worry and am frustrated with others who refuse the vaccine for whatever reason. My seriously ill daughter-in-law did not have a ICU bed available because of unvaccinated COVID-19 patients. Fortunately she survived the bout of sepsis she developed after the ECOLI infection she caught from an unknown source. Until the consequences of a disease that can be prevented threatens your own family do you see the real consequences of person freedom.
dmedders 4
Your daughter did mot have an ICU bed because Fauci and the NIH actively suppressed early treatments that would have radically reduced hospitalization and death.

Unnecessary death estimates vary between 50% and 80%.

Place blame where it should be: Fauci and the NIH.
pete maestrales 2
Spot on!
srobak 1
you mean like how the flu goes away after it has infected everyone? Oh wait...


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