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Singapore Airlines to Fly Hour-Long A380 Flights

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Singapore Airlines will be flying the Airbus A380 on routes lasting about 60 minutes in flight. ( עוד...

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Pierre Letourneau 3
It will take longer to embark/disembark then the flight time. You might as well take the bus.
btweston 5
Eight hours in a bus or or one hour in a plane. Yeah same thing.
Jack Jarzynka 2
Hahaha you're right about boarding times. Still faster to take the flight though.
Scott Campbell 2
I tend to believe that ... but if there's any delay and you drove to the airport, (an unknown distance / time) then you have to get out of the airport to your the destination. It's often a push, BUT I would always rather fly, easier on my brain now :) and after over a 1.5 million miles in the air, I've still driven more ...
Scott Campbell 1
How can you make money with the boarding time ? Crews will avoid this like the plaque unless there impressed or new. I hope they continue to fly just because I like to see them in the air, But if Lufthansa is never going back to the 380 yet still flies the 47-400 and 800 .... there is the your answer :)
Peter Fuller 3
From the squawked article: A Singapore Airlines spokesperson said the A380 Kuala Lumpur flights were scheduled “for operational requirements.”

Perhaps the intent is to get flight and cabin crews requalified and current, not to make a profit carrying passengers.
Jack Jarzynka 1
It's unknown if Singapore Airlines will make money on these routes but I assume they have crunched the numbers and made this decision in their best interests.

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