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Delta will charge unvaccinated employees $200 per month

Delta Air Lines will charge employees on the company health plan $200 a month if they fail to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a policy the airline’s top executive says is necessary because the average hospital stay for the virus costs the airline $40,000. ( More...

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mary susan watkins 2
for persons in a public contact position,as are most airline employees (and even those in offices interact with others,but not on a "grand scale")requiring vaccinations for known public and contagious health concerns is not a matter of "choice", but a matter of common sense..if you want to work and remain healthy,especailly if you deal with multitudes of people in close proximity,you should be willing to protect yourself,abd possbly others from a virus ...i think delta is within its rights to charge those refusing to have a vaccination.larger premiums..just as insurance companies can charge you more if you have your own policy, or say no to coverage if you have frequent issues..many companies haves stated not vaccination,no least delta is giving an option!
Highflyer1950 4
I believe Air Canada gave it’s employees until October 30th to get vaccinated or risk termination or forced unpaid leave!
Cleffer 2
How much are they charging vaccinated employees who end up with COVID and are costing the company the same amount of money? I mean, fair is fair, right?
Jim Sinsky 5
They are charging employees on the company health plan. It’s an insurance issue. My former employer charged smokers extra.
Highflyer1950 5
I suppose they get their regular paid sick days same as those who stay home with the flu, head colds or similar? A personal opinion is that every individual employed in any international transportation whether by air, land or water should have mandated vaccinations for all diseases as a part of the job requirement. Interesting that Air Canada like other major carriers have to hire a slew of full time employees just to fill in for the sick ones….ie. standby F/A’s at the airport, reserve pilots sitting at home waiting for the last minute call etc. Maintenance & cleaning staff running on three shifts! There’s definitely a cost involved.
scottiek 7
The vast majority of "breakthrough" Covid cases do not require hospitalization, hence the savings for vaccinated employees.
John D 0
Apples and oranges. The vaccinated employees are behaving like responsible citizens. Unvaccinated (those who do not have a medical reason to not vaccinated) are a public health threat and a liability.
Cleffer 0
You are missing the point (as are the other responders here). I did not do a good enough job explaining what I meant.

While they may be vaccinated, *if they end up hospitalized* with COVID regardless, they end up costing the company money just like an unvaccinated employee.

This blanket policy misses the mark, despite the fact that it will potentially heavily favor the unvaccinated employees.

John D 1
No Sean. I am not missing the point. As others have stated and is very public knowledge, those vaccinated are at very low risk of developing conditions requiring hospitalization. Employees that get vaccinated reduce the risk to their employers (sick days and other expenses) associated with illness.
sharon bias 1
Any employer who has a self-funded healthcare plan (no, it's not really insurance) is exempt from most healthcare laws. The company can have an insurance carrier process the claims, but all payment come directly from the company. That's how religious organizations can eliminate contraceptives from their coverage, refuse to allow a same sex partner (married or not) on a family plan, or restrict mental health coverage. Self funded plans only make sense for companies with more than 5000 employee's. And all union plans are considered self-funded plans.
John D 0
I work for one of the largest software companies in the world. but if you didn't know any better you'd think it was BCBS, except the coverage is nothing like what BCBS usually offers.
EMK69 -2
I usually side with management but after 69 years of life I see why unions are needed.


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