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Troubled Boeing Starliner headed back to factory, further delaying NASA launch

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A persistent valve problem remains after the issue scrubbed a second launch attempt earlier this month. ( עוד...

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ADXbear 9
No excuse for this to happen AT THE PAD.. where was the prerollout tests? Or much earlier in the build process? They do this to themselves and it's just embarrassing to see living here on the Space Coast and being a Former Space Shuttle engineer.. seems nothing has changed.,
jbqwik 2
Boeing management has little heart in the game. The last few decades their allegiance is to the investor and stock returns at the expense of their (former) rigorous attention to details and quality.
Further, because Boeing was such an important and prestigious name representing American built goods their troubling downfall is doubly hurtful as it reflects ideals and values and, thus, impacts American standing in the Global view.
Robert Cowling 7
It's not 'A' valve. It was 13 valves! None of which worked when they were commanded to the day of that last launch.

Boeing just can't catch a break. And their next launch date might now be into early next year.

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