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Southeast Aviation suspends operations after tragic crash

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Southeast Aviation (Ketchikan) has suspended all flight operations for the foreseeable future after a tragic accident on August 5, 2021. Six people died when a de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver crashed into the side of a mountain near Ketchikan, Alaska. The crash occurred at about 1,400-feet in steep terrain of the Misty Fjords National Monument (below) in low clouds. The five passengers were from Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam cruise ship which stopped at Ketchikan. ( עוד...

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bentwing60 1
"Very challenging conditions and terrain to fly. It requires the very best of experienced pilots." ADXbear Aug. 10, 2010

Former Senator Ted Stevens and party killed in hillside, (mountain) crash in Alaska.

Read the Old news folks, if this guy and his entourage were not flying in the best of the best, for the environment, flown by the best of the best, Who is? It was not a charter! Very difficult to actually overstate the dynamics of Alaskan weather, and August is typically its Best! That is why they go there then.

Another earnest RIP for this latest.
matt jensen 1
At least one of these crashes every year.
ADXbear 1
Very challenging conditions and terain to fly. It requires the very best of experienced pilots. I dont know bout this crash, but it's very suspect to fly into the side of a mountain. RIP to those families losses.

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