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Air New Zealand to resume and bring back the Boeing 777-319;s out of the desert in December 2021

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Air New Zealand sent there B777s 319's to storage last year are now going to bring them back from Victorville at the end of 2021 the CEO Luxton said in a new cast yesterday on TVNZ four have being stored at Auckland airport for a year which two are 777-219;s. The 777-319's will resume on long haul routes to help there sister aircraft the Boeing 787-919's which replaced the jets while in sotrage. Five of the older 777-200's will also be brought back into service for Trans… ( עוד...

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Good story. Should be spelt 'their' B777s, not 'there'...
Roy Hunte 1
It's amazing how a major news source doesn't have proofreaders to check for grammatical errors.
Sad, really.
Richard Pratt 1
Greg Foran has been CEO since 2020.

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