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Lufthansa Faces Lawsuit After Booting Passenger From First Class Seat

A fascinating lawsuit has been filed in Frankfurt against Lufthansa today impacting seat assignments, bait-and-switch sales tactics, terms and conditions, and the first class cabin on the 747-8. ( More...

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The article you've linked is for Southwest Airlines ticketing policies...
sparkie624 2
Oops.. I goofed.. - The correct link is:
Sorry everyone.
Jeff Lawson 2
I've updated the link of this squawk for you.
sparkie624 1
Thank you.
Torsten Hoff 2
"Yes, there is a contractual language that seems to give Lufthansa the power to change seat assignments at will, but the analysis must not end there. Such language comes into conflict with the idea that Lufthansa advertised a certain seat for a certain price, accepted money for that seat (indeed, a premium over other seats), then decided to move passengers to far inferior seats without notice or compensation."

Yet according to the article and the contract of carriage cited in the article, a) the passengers (including the client of the attorney who filed the lawsuit) found themselves assigned to business class seats several days later, and b) the contract stipulates reimbursement if the reserved seat assignment isn't honored. So both the claims made in the lawsuit are in dispute.


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