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The West must punish Lukashenko

Belarus’s actions, of forcing down a passenger jet under the pretext of a bomb threat, are air piracy, classically defined, and a casus bellum. They demand a thunderous response. ( More...

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ADXbear 2
Its what happens with deals made with the devil.
canuck44 3
The chances of getting Protasevich back alive are remote. Belarus is not a big economic entity but basically is a speed bump between Putin's Russia and the EU. In the acute phase blocking air commerce to and from Russia in response to state sponsored hijacking will take place but keeping multiple nations on board will be impossible as each have separate interests. On the other side Putin runs the show for this did not happen without his approval.
Germany is making themselves dependent upon Russian energy. Even the dumbest German will be led to understand there is a shut off valve which when closed turns off the energy to their homes and factories. They will be the first to cave.


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