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United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Flies Four-Hour Flight To Nowhere After Inflight Failure

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A United Airlines Boeing 787-9 flying from Houston to Argentina returned to Houston midflight after the aircraft experienced a generator failure inflight. ( עוד...

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sparkie624 5
Parts on Planes Fail... Chances are he would have been waiting for parts before being able to depart... I think he made the correct decision in the "Air Turn Back" Probably Saved a lot o time and money in a long run... I would guess the crew via Acars or HF were talking with Company Maintenance and Dispatch it was a joint decision even though the pilot had final authority.
matt jensen 2
Parts in Argentina are hard to come by and at a higher premium price
sparkie624 1
They would have probably had to ship the part down, because it would have to clear their QC Department first.... that would at best been the next day for arrival and install and probably would have had to send a company mechanic down with it to inspect the install... Would have been grounded for 2 days minimum if they had continued.

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