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Airline passengers fined $20,000 as US agency cracks down on unruly fliers

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced fines totaling $20,000 against two airline passengers who interfered with crews. The civil penalties come as as part of a zero-tolerance policy designed to combat a surge of similar cases in recent months. The agency said it will seek a $10,500 fine against a passenger who repeatedly ignored orders to wear a mask, which is required by federal regulation, then coughed and blew his nose into a blanket during a JetBlue flight from Fort… ( More...

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bobfiegel 25
In the military I found fines were of limited value. Always replaceable one way or another. Even had one rich father send replacement-plus bucks twice in a row. Restriction (jail for civilians) however was far more effective. I'm OK with fines for non-violent but jail for the violent. I don't care if as little as 30 days; hope for the unlikely criminal action. And at least in a criminal action there would be he opportunity for pushback against overzealous crew.
I agree. Jail time plus fine would be even better. Attacking a crew member should be punishable with prison time.
Fine or jail plus a “no fly” list works for me.
Keith Bell 11
Attacking anyone should be punishable with prison time.
David Rice -1
Unless you mean attacking Capitol Police. That is apparently acceptable behavior. GOP congresspeople claim Jan 6th was a normal tourist visit in the Capitol. Capitol police die almost every time a tourist visits, and we can’t jail tourists who are completely benign. That would offend the “dear leader”.
SkyAware123 3
oh yeah ? Who claimed that? LAst I heard they're being prosecuted. fake news
mike goodsell 0
David Preston 11
And a prison record as a felon.
Flora Brands 2
How about unruly, disgusting, mean, tyrant airline workers, flight attendants, etc? I was a flt attendant in the 80's and would have been fired in a nanosecond if I pulled some of the shit I have seen these people do!! Where's the punishment in that??
Huck Finn 4
Thank you Fiora! A bit of common sense is still out there!
Tyrant workers? I assume that you don't like following policies. You have issues with police officers also? So they are Tyrants when they instruct passengers in the basics? Seat Belt, Seat Back, Tray Table, Phone? Flight Attendants don't want to interact with your type. You are already being instructed via the announcements and then they have to come by and reinforce it like they are talking to children. Give me one example of them displaying Tyrant behaviors......
David Rice 0
Flight attendants are worthless overhead. Obviously, this is the case, if they need my help opening the emergency exit.
Tom Bruce 12
sock it to 'em...and make it stick!
Greg Lawson 13
I have thought for a long time we as in countries and airlines have been too lenient on these idiots. Those who threaten safety of passengers and crew or worse harm the crew through violence. Should not only be fined but banned for all airlines permanently... They either walk or take a boat.... Better yet take away their passport... doesnt matter what country or where that should be the consequence. Tough? yes, But it would not take many to face this for the message to get out and people would behave. Personally I feel Alcohol should not be served on flights... If people cannot wait for their "fix" until the flight is finished then they have a problem...afterall if you smoke you cannot on a flight, whats the difference.....
Jim Allen 5
Yeah, but if you take booze off flights, it just means that they’ll get drunker in the airport bar before they board. Does it facilitate it, yes. Doesn’t cause it. You also have fearful flyers out there that “need” that booze to get them through. I don’t know personally.. I’m not a big drinker and I’m not afraid to fly any more - but even when I was, booze would not have been my choice. I too would ban them from any flights… depending on the severity permanently… but a zero tolerance is necessary.
David Rice 1
Getting drunk before your flight are grounds for disallowing boarding. Read your ticket, there are specific rules of carriage you have agreed to, and sobriety is one of them.
ADXbear 13
Good, stop the alcohol as well, people can wait a few hours to kpget their fix.
Stop the alcohol? that's like mandating 55MPH because a small section of the population can't figure it out. And having a drink is not a "fix". Unless you seem to have a problem with self control
Lance Neward 3
Alcohol is by definition a mind-altering drug, that's why people use it (including me,from time to time and in moderation). Some people don't like the taste, they like the buzz, a mind-altered state. Having a drink is getting a fix, by definition. Because one can "control it" doesn't make it any less effective as a mind altering drug. Getting swakked in the privacy of your own home is one thing; when it affects others it is quite different. In this case, it has nothing to do with a speed limit, except that my speed can affect the people around me.
I happen to like the taste. A tasty cocktail is one of the few things that makes a flight bearable.

OTOH, a-holes who get soused and belligerent can make a flight unbearable too. Fortunately, they are the minority.

On that note, because it's Friday evening, time for a double-fix: Some rum and a nice cigar!
Lance Neward 2
James Driskell 10
There is no accounting for stupidity. Let 'em walk!
Good. Give those unruly fliers a lesson!
CampGirl 2
We are seeing the results of a couple generations of poor parenting. My Johnny could never have done that; you must be mistaken. My Johnny is such a sweet boy and never does anything wrong. Johnny never had any consequences for his poor behavior. Those unruly brats I used to see behaving like animals while waitressing 30 years ago are now full grown, entitled, self-centered, poorly behaved adults. That is why our society is falling apart.
why only that much they should fine him more and ban him from flying for life.
Let's make sure that there is no over reaction by the crew. Then let's not blame alcohol. Assess if the passenger is a threat or just unruly. For unruly situation, the fine is appropriate. And touching the attendant should not automatically become a big step from unruly to threat. If violent, then throw the book at the violator. Taser, hogtie, and drag the perpetrator out of the plane naked . That should do it. And, oh.. incarcerate min of 90 days and..and a $25K min fine.
That's my attitude from seat 2B on Delta.
srobak 1
yeah well your dedicated flight attendant is busy kissing your ass in between every drink she hands out up in 1C - folks in cattle class get squeezed tighter and tighter and practically gotta beg like an injured puppy to get a bag of frackin pretzels, plus wait an hour to get off the damn plane. That's my attitude from seat 33D. Anytime you wanna trade, bucko.
33D... oh, lord... Steerage! That hurts just thinking about it.

Considering that 2A, where I usually like to sit, costs less (in adjusted dollars) than a Coach class ticket did back when I started flying, I say it's a pretty good deal. Back then, if one couldn't afford what is now the cost of a First Class ticket, one took the bus. If you think 33D as bad, try spending 8 days to travel coast-to-coast and back (usually seated next to some sweaty, fetid, farting troll).

Today, in 33D, one can fly coast-to-coast round trip in 12 hours for $309 (I just checked) (and probably next to the same sweaty, fetid, farting troll). $309. For that, I'll bring my own pretzels! Moo.
Paul F Harris 4
Maybe for the really bad bastards then add a spell in the slammer as well minimum 12 months
This is a step in the right direction. It sets a penalty for a behavior which is reprehensible. Once you get into an airplane, you have to follow the rules. They are for the good of all.
Putting yourself above those rules is simply wrong.
SkyAware123 2
I say a beating that they won't forget for life is the only way.
David Rice 0
I agree most airline employees deserve this. Especially United employees.
srobak 2
2 things....

1> when is the same standard going to be applied to people's conduct OFF a plane. Seems that as a society we are allowing more and more unruly (and flatly illegal) conduct of people - and punishing the enforcers when they try to hold those dipshidiots accountable. Very interesting how the fed takes 2 different perspectives for the same kinds of behaviour in 2 different venues.

2> we need to get this mask nonsense no longer considered "unruly".
C Anderson 2
A new work in my vocabulary: "Dipshidiot". Thanks!
clarify 1
The problem with flat fines is that they hit people differently. A $10,500 fine is very different for someone making $45,000 and someone making $250,000.

Perhaps a formula that takes into consideration annual income and total assets held. For example, 10% of annual income would be $4,500 and $25,000 for the two hypothetical individuals mentioned above and might have equal deterrent value.
Jim Welch 1
I believe that’s how it’s been successful elsewhere. I read of a guy a few years back that was driving at a VERY high rate of speed on the Autobahn. He was driving SO fast, they hit him with a fine according to his income. It worked out to be about $250,000.00 $USD.
If I remember correctly it was in Finland, the owner of a high tech company.
Huck Finn -1
You sound like a Biden economist. ps. this is not a compliment!
wiregold -1
You sound like a Trump economist.
Take it as a compliment, too.
SkyAware123 -1
Oh look, the communists have found the forum.
wiregold 2
Boeing execs know they can hide information that led to 346 dead and never spend one minute in lock-up. They know they will keep their stock payouts regardless. Why not sting the wealthiest criminals harder?
Flora Brands -5
This article is obviously written with a liberal slant. Noting Trump supporters as culprits, because they were wearing MAGA hats!!! Notice most others were from California. Time to stop the mask insanity. How long are you going to play the stupid card?
Todd Cory 0
spoken like a true maga... sigh
Huck Finn 1
Get used to us because we ain’t going away!
srobak 1
and that's a problem because? how you enjoying America being shitty again, instead?
wiregold -1
$1.5 trillion in tax giveaways to corporations that pay dirt wages and ship jobs to Mexico. That's MAGA.
srobak -1
You do know that came from the left, don't ya? The right tried putting the brakes on that.
Agreed 100.
Gary Bain 0
As soon as I say the slam against "Trump Supporters" I quit reading. What a bunch of bullshit. From what I've read the VAST MAJORITY are not "Trump Supporters". The idiot leftist's just can't "get over it" and would rather support the idiots that are "in charge" now.
wiregold 0
Trump was selected by the owners of America to divide and conquer folks. Both left and right took the bait.
I do not excuse the nasty behaviour of these folks. BUT, fines (or jail time as some are commenting) for not wearing a mask? the mask "mandate" is unconstitutional in the first place! We the people have to stop believing the lies of the "professionals". They aren't giving us science. Please people, do your own research. the more we give in to the government and act like they know best (which they don't) the more freedom we lose! we have to get back what we lost so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the freedom we have.
Always wondered what the penalty was for not paying a fine.
Another fine?
This type of "punishment" is useless.
Dan Chiasson 8
should be part of the judgement. Judge: "pay in 10 days or jail. Your choice smart ass."
jafrank 7
30 years ago, my cousin went through a period of poor decision making skills (as many do in their early 20's). He had gotten a speeding ticket and then had his license suspended for nonpayment, and then got arrested for driving without a license (the unfairness of *that* is a subject for a different conversation).

When it was all added up, the fines totaled over $1200 from an original $75 speeding fine.

When he told the judge that the reason that he didn't pay the initial fine was due to the fact that he didn't have the money, and that if he didn't have $75, he sure as heck didn't have $1200, the judge replied "We're just like Rent-A-Center here.... 90 days, same a cash!"

So my cousin spent 3 months in the county lockup and walked out "paid in full".
wiregold 1
I know someone in a very similar situation. Driving on a suspended license after couldn't pay a fine, Fed marshals went to Colorado to bring him back to serve 6 mos.
A private company then sells Ramen noodles to inmates in county for $1.25 that cost $0.08 at Costco. You can buy 99 packs/week if you've got the money and many inmates do. It's a racket on top of a racket.
Huck Finn -4
When can we passengers file charges against unruly flight crews who act like airborne Amazons?
Brandon Lea -2
Hey, don’t fly commercial, I fly my self and have no security or mask issues.
srobak 1
hey start flying some of us around then
keep fatties off planes
srobak 0
then how will your wife get home?
David Rice -1
The guy’s name is Billybob, don’t you mean his sister rather than his wife? Oops, same person.
rbt schaffer 0
If you threw them out of the plane head first, would that be crack up?
Jim Ward -1
Why can’t adults act mature ? Just sit the hell down and behave. They are like republicans they want it their way
And their way only and screw everyone else..


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