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JetBlue, Bamboo Airways, WestJet Secure London Heathrow Slots

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On Friday, the Airports Council of the United Kingdom released its latest slot allocation report on its airports, including London Heathrow. The report listed multiple airlines that secured slots including JetBlue, Bamboo Airways and WestJet, amid a slowdown in air traffic at the busiest airport in the United Kingdom. ( עוד...

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patrick baker 1
the denial of the plan to construct another runway at Heathrow will one day be shown to be foolish.
If england wants to retreat into irrelevance, the first step lately was to withdraw from the EU, the next slippery-step was the refusal to go ahead with another runway at maxed-out Heathrow. Trade and tourism and cargo are hindered by those shortsighted decisions. These new clients would like to expand their offerings as each of these three carriers are on the rise. Welcome to Heathrow, and don't ask for more slots just yet.

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