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Boeing 747-8 undergoes extreme testing

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Boeing test pilots have been subjecting the new 747-8 Freighter to a series of punishing tests as part of the extensive program to certify the airplane. "Some people may even call it abusive," says Capt. Mark Feuerstein, the 747-8 Chief Test Pilot. "It certainly requires a lot of forethought to execute some of the maneuvers." ( עוד...

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mark tufts 0
what better way to test the stress levels of a new passenger jet. this way us passengers will know we will be safe
glenn haefner 0
This is a freighter. It will never carry passengers.
Glenn Sean Yarbrough 0
I would like to know ; How many outsourced parts from outside of The U.S.A. had to be changed before this plane was cleared for flight tests?
toolguy105 0
There are a total of 109 747-8 on order with Boeing; 33 passenger and 74 freighter versions.
209flyboy 0
The new 747-8I passenger versions has 3 classifications for seating
(3-Class)467 seats,(2 Class) 524 Seats, (1 Class) 581 Seats.

Maximum take off weight is 975,000 lb
Landing weight 747-8I 682,000 lb for passenger version
Landing Weight 747-8F 757,000 for Freight version
Fuel 747-8I 64,055 gal
Fuel 747-8F 60,755
Cruise Speed 747-8I Mach .855 (570mph)
Cruise Speed 747-8F Mach .845 (564mp)

Service ceiling both versions FL 430

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