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The Airbus A321XLR Will Permanently Change US Aviation

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US airlines cannot wait for the Airbus A321XLR to enter their fleets. ( עוד...

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patrick baker 1
The 797, under whichever name it appears, might just better be called the seppuku for the eventual effect on 777X and even 787's. The aircraft, which boeing has been germinating for too many years, is right sized for the evolving market- Delta even said they would buy lots of them. I adore 757, and there is no comparison on fuel burn and yield with the uncoming 321xlr. Every 320 now aging into replacement territory with us airlines can logicallybe replaced with this 320xlr, to the point that this model would be the most ubiquitious.
Robert Cowling 1
Click bait?
ImperialEagle 1
Why do I feel as though I have just read a lot of PR hyperbole from Airbus?
In any event, we have yet to see what 2021 will bring. Already it looks as if the new "Administration" is going to crash the markets, create inflation, fuel prices are going to go through the roof, etc.
I think DL will wait and see. If a miracle happens and there is a sudden "boom" in air travel, I think DL will be just fine with the aircraft they already have.

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