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KLM To Halt Intercontinental Flights

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The move is part of the government’s requirement that all travelers, including crew, must undertake both a PCR and antigen test before flying. ( עוד...

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Larry Kreuger 11
REJECTING OUR DOCTOR’S ADVICE? If my family physician and our country’s top infectious disease experts tell me to wash my hands after using the restroom, that’s what I do. If those same experts tell me to cover my nose when sneezing and my mouth when coughing, that’s what I do. Ditto with their advice about helping to stop the spread of CoVid19. I don’t get my health advice from Chuck Woolary, assorted TV evangelists or internet quacks pushing the latest gimmicks. I’m a grownup.
SkyAware123 3
And yet they're having a hard time reducing infections , let alone stop it.
Ken Jackson 2
“They” are us. Global aviation should have shut down in April 2020. If it have, this pandemic would have been stopped by now.
SkyAware123 0
We'd also be in a major recession, much bigger than what we see now.
Also, April 2020 would have been way too late for stopping global aviation, it had already spread to every corner of the earth. At that point it's futile to stop aviation. To prevent spread that SHOULD have happened at the earliest signs (Janary or even December?) And even then it would have probably been too late. With current population densities you're not going to stop it once it's 'landed'. Too many people get infected at the same time. There just isn't much you can do. Too many people on this ball of dirt and too many people moving around. nope.
Ken Jackson 4
There was one variant in April. The ability to travel the globe, and selfish behavior like Sturgis, has allowed the virus to mutate and spread unchecked. Look at the numbers from pockets of humanity that practiced stringent lockdowns. Most are significantly better than ours.
Lanny Word 4
You might also want to think about the economic benefit of not having tens of millions of infections and millions of deaths and how that would offset any short term effects on the economy. If you are going to use economics to judge the success of a shutdown, its probably better to look at all sides if it. Some would say the long term economic effects of not shutting down passenger traffic has cost much more by lengthening the pandemic.
Derek Vaughn 1
There would have been dire worldwide economic consequences if transportation had been shut down for months. Not a recession, but worse.
SkyAware123 -2
No, I look at benefits vs damage. Millions of infections doesn't mean anything. Millions get the flu too. They might be out of work for a couple days. IT makes 0 sense.
Lanny Word 3
If your analysis only results in that simplistic conclusion, no need in furthering this conversation. I truly hope you aren’t a pilot with lack of spatial awareness and planning.
SkyAware123 0
check the facts, NOT feelings and you'll come to the same conclusion
skylab72 0
Before you attempt to call "check the facts", you should check your own. In the entire 100 plus year history of influenza viruses, (ALL of them!), the flu has not killed as many people as Cov-19 has in its first year. Fatalities count. You want to worry about an "Economy" worry about killing CUSTOMERS
SkyAware123 1
Not my own facts, they are THE facts.
Drop your ridiculous claims
skylab72 1
And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the reason why the good old USA has consistently had either the highest or the second-highest infection percentages worldwide for the whole damn pandemic. You cannot have a healthy economy without healthy customers. Forrest Gump's Momma was right, "Stupid is as Stupid does." Next time I need one of THEfacts I'll look you up...;}
SkyAware123 1
PEople , they don't come any dumber than this clown.
Dan Grelinger 0
Check your post making similar bogus claims on the other thread. I provided credible data that counters your fake news.

Correction, please?
Dan Grelinger 1
More fake news!

Total worldwide COVID deaths so far: 2,167,092

Total Spanish Flu deaths: 50,000,000,occurring%20in%20the%20United%20States.

So, just ONE previous flu has killed over 20 times the number killed by COVID, and you claim that the fact is COVID has killed more people that ALL previous flus combined?

You know who the most dangerous person in the world is? The one who does not know what he does not know, but thinks he knows everything...

You're beyond hope, dude.
skylab72 2
Point taken, No excuses. Though I did backtrack to see where my error came from to avoid a similar error in the future. Found it and only thought I had embarrassed myself to the "max" before...

I do plan to "totals" Vs "totals" when such can be meaningful.
Thanks for all the facts you have provided that I failed to find.
Dan Grelinger 0
Thanks for this post. I gave you an up arrow for it.
Pat S. 0
Yes, lotta of quacks. My daughterinlaw is a flight attendant; she goes through many trainings w/Lufthansa to work on 747 and 380. Masks are common sense. Unfortunately, too many wingnuts, uneducated but with access to Internet shade the rules and regulations. Anarchy fueled by stupidity and marijuana/eenergy drinks and meth (Seattle and Portland) in my opinion, is not an approach in it for the common good. Ignorance breeds ignorance.
Tom Pera 11
things not getting better, are they? even if Biden gets 1 million vaccinations a day will take 250 days to do 250 million of us... that's October? batten down the hatches!!
JR Lazar 1
math is hard! LOL
SkyAware123 0
of course not. We'll still be here by July.
vermaas 3
Interestingly, the KLM website makes no mention of this change yet, and intercontinental flights can still be booked. I am wondering to which extent it is a threat/posturing to force a change in the Dutch rules vs. a done deal.
vermaas 1
Indeed, KLM and the government have come to an agreement, and KLM will continue to carry out its flight schedule as planned.
ADXbear 5
Scary extreme measures for sure, it looks like 2021 will be a continuation of 20.. Now covid is mutating, I pray for an quick end to this pandemic.
Henk Borsje 2
At the moment only flights to/from the UK, South Africa and all of South America seem to be affected.
Fabio Alpelli 4
Anti-covid measures are not discussed but we must not fall into excess of prudence, in this way we are stopping the world
Rico van Dijk 4
It is true the Netherlands are in lockdown, but the proposed night curfew did not get through parlement.

The problem in the Netherlands now is that the incredibly incompetent prime minister, who was forced to resign last week, but allowed to continue the ‘battle’ against corona, is going completely berserk on it. To me personally it looks as if he’s trying to do the country as much damage as possible as revenge for him being fired. And we all have to suffer for it.
Arjan Hulsebos 2
Curfew did pass in parlement, it will go into effect Saturday. It's from 21:00 - 04:30 local time.

As for the Dutch covid response, that hasn't been too bad considering we're not doing worse than other countries, but the vaccine handling is indeed a clusterfubar....
Rico van Dijk 2
Oops! I stand corrected indeed, the blasted curfew did make it through parliament after all :’(

Perhaps I shall go for a walk tomorrow afternoon to prove that going for a walk has no influence on any virus.
I used to serve my country with pride, but with this kind of government I’d rather be a rebel.
Fabio Alpelli 0
Although I'm not Dutch, in my opinion the Netherlands, like all Nordic countries in general, is still a great nation.
yatesd 3
Hate to break it to you, but the Netherlands isn’t Nordic.
Fabio Alpelli 1
Yes, you are right, maybe compared to where I am they are Nordic. I have often been to the Netherlands and my impressions have always been positive. Thank you for your comment.
SkyAware123 0
MEasures that will return very little effect if people aren't listening. Typical Dutch attitude: You're not telling me what to do.
Fabio Alpelli 3
The curfew or similar measures are spreading in all Countries, in Italy they have invented the questionable solution of coloring the regions so that what you can do today may not be what you can do tomorrow creating a lot of cunfusion, absurd ... there is no question about the importance of eradicating this virus, but at the same time I hope that the pandemic is no reason for anyone to limit freedom.
kutsev 1
most governments don't know what to do so they improvise and it becomes such a shitshow
SkyAware123 1
Curfew DID go into effect. Check your sources, they are incorrect. 9pm till sometime early morning.
The Other Pair of Boots 2
Requiring a negative antigen test means that anyone who gets vaccinated will become ineligible to fly. Not sure what the point of that is.
SkyAware123 1
really? wow... Maybe this wasn't thought out very well.. shocker, right ? not.
kutsev 1
In the beginning of COVID quarantine Dutch government measures seemed pretty smart (compared to ridiculous UK decisions).
Last months more and more we see total incompetence of the government, they failed vaccination planning. Taking into consideration latest story with tax rulings (which is nuts!, they claimed fraud and ruined life of about 20000 people without court decision ) I strongly believe this country needs a strong shake-up
Navin Tailor 0
Decision to take PCR & antigen tests by each traveler & crew mandatory is requirement of the hour. I appreciate it. This will go long way to help check corona spread check. Navin Tailor
SkyAware123 0
That would only make sense if one area was infected and another area was not. That's not the case, it's everywhere already. This will make no difference.

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