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The Blue Angels Are Taking Their Hornet Out for One Last Flight

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The Blue Angels are taking their last F/A-18 Hornet fighter for a final flight today. The Blues flew the F/A-18 for 34 years, the longest run of any of their airframes. The flight team is transitioning to Super Hornet fighters, as well as a new “Fat Albert” transport. The Blue Angels are taking their last F/A-18 Hornet fighter for one final flight today. The flight demonstration team has flown the Hornets for more than three decades, but the time has come to move on to newer airplanes. After… ( עוד...

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sparkie624 4
I have some great video of an Airshow that they did in Memphis a number of years ago... A real pleasure to watch ad the Highlight of any airshow.
Chris Bryant 1
Hopefully we'll be able to see them with the new a/c next year.
I've been watching the Angles since their F-4 days and was working at NAS Cecil Field (KVQQ) when they transitioned from the A-4 to the F/A-18.
jptq63 1
Do the old air frames go to the bone yard or sold? Anyone know?
sparkie624 2
The answer is... YES...
To Clarify, Most go to the Bone Yard and then are purchased by 3rd world countries... and sometimes (Like in the Pandemic) airlines parked some in the Bone yard like SWA did for a while and pulled them out when they were ready. I have been tracking an old 737-200 that I worked on in the 90's and it is still flying down in South Africa somewhere.
jptq63 2
I am thinking for the F/A-18 of the Angles in this case; i.e. it seems there are few (if any) C/D models in operation (US) and wonder if the whole plane would be sold to non-US operator who would part it out or put into operation or if the US keeps it and part it out to others on a "as-needed" basis to control supply. Wondering / thinking the F-14 Iran (still?) uses type of situation. I do not think a non current F/A-18 operator would (for nominal reasons at least) want such a few planes and that there is a limited number of current users who would have any typical interest. If no use for keeping plane in bone yard or sold, would they consider putting them on display in some parks, etc....
sparkie624 3
Another thought is that Museums could pick them up... Would be quite a draw to walk up close to an Old Blue Angel.

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