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KATL - Empty via Google Maps

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Was on Google Maps the other night and noticed a rare event. Clearly this image must have been taken over summer but to see this airport with less than five planes f gate is crazy. Last picture is KORD international terminal which was 100% vacant. ( עוד...

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Roger Anderson 4
This isn't surprising. Many airports are composites of multiple images made with the intention of removing aircraft from the scene.
Brian Hankey 2
You can see the ghost airplanes on Google Earth (standalone - as opposed to the browser version) and look at ATL. There the imagery is dated 11/16/2018.

Now, on the other hand, I present you with LFPG which in the same session of Google has imagery dated August 2019 and is full of airplanes, but on the browser version of Google Maps is entirely vacant of airplanes.
Roger Anderson 2
Yea I figure it's AI algos handling the matching, so I never really expected a perfect jobs. I think some months ago I saw two aircraft facing each other on opposite ends of the runway.
8ball 1
Based on incomplete infrastructure near the west entrance and the puddles of de-ice fluid on the southeast side of Concourse E, I will say it was Winter 2018-19.
bigkahuna400 1
Most airplanes are stripped off now...I used Google Earth which still displays them.
ADXbear 1

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