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Introducing New FlightAware Global Flight Tracking Subscription Options

FlightAware announces the release of the new lower priced FlightAware Global subscriptions. The new pricing for FlightAware Global allows users to customize their feature set for each aircraft based on usage needs, such as blocking and transoceanic flight operations. ( More...

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David Stark 11
We hobbyists who provide some of the data sold by FlightAware should receive some consideration also. How about an option for a pure hobbyist (not a competitor to anyone with blocked tails) to monitor flights within local airspace, or using specific local airports?
chugheset 6
Agreed. I had actually sent a similar request to their sales department about a year ago. I think the jump from Free to $40/mo. is a bit much and asked about something like you suggested. Never heard back. Unfortunate as I think it would be a great source of incremental revenue for them (and generate good will).
Could not agree more; I would be more than willing to pay for such. Even the NY Times offers reduced rate subscriptions for infrequent or ,local users. Get with it Flightaware and don't forget from whence you came!


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