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Passenger Arrested for Refusing to Wear Face Mask, Lights Cigarette Instead

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A 60-year-old man from British Columbia made a nuisance of himself last Sunday, June 14, aboard WestJet flight WS706 en route from Vancouver to Toronto by refusing to wear his face mask in flight, despite admonishment from the flight crew. In defiance, he instead lit up a cigarette and declined to extinguish it, becoming so “unruly” that the plane was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Winnipeg. Once on the ground, Balvir Singh was arrested by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).… ( עוד...

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patrick baker 7
whatever personal problems mr singh has, the airlines throughout the world need not concern themselves, for he will not be a passenger on any of them soon. After court hearings, legal expenses, mandated therapy sessions (not cheap), he will need to take the bus when traveling in Canada. Try that no-mask, light up a cigarette trick on a bus, well , he will be walking right soon after that.
djames225 1
If he tries that crap on a bus, he won't be walking..perhaps having to take a wheelchair yes.
sharon bias 5
A "language" barrier?" People fly all over the world on airlines where English isn't the primary language. Airlines, in general, have the ability to find someone to speak just about any language to make flying safe (hospitals do too). This guy just wanted to make trouble, and he seems to have found it. A lifetime ban on flying should do the trick.
I hope they charge him with a lot more and a life time ban from flying. In his own mind he may be "special", to the rest of us he is just an asshole.
djames225 2
I find this rather interesting I am agreeing this guy's an idiot, to put it mildly..yet getting downvoted??
djames225 -1
It will be a long time (think hell freezing over) before that idiot will sit on another aircraft..unless of course another brain dead judge steps up to the plate. Seen wayy too much of that lately
Larry Toler 2
You make good points, why do you keep getting down voted?
ADXbear 2
Costly mistake.. the diversion bill could exceed $50k!..
Edward Bardes 2
What. An. Idiot.
James Driskell 0
Maybe the airline should have asked him to step out into the smoking area on the left wing! Problem solved!
mary susan watkins 0
You cannot fix stupid,nor change the actions or ideas of someone who thinks they are not subject to the same rule or regulations as everyone else..
brucepelletier5 -1
The masks are doing nothing. Don't deter. Covid is a joke. For the contagious is possible. What about the winter season. Good luck to that.
Calvin Chan 1
see ya in jail

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