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Planes wedged together after collision at Aberdeen Airport

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It appears the Loganair jet was empty;. They Flybe aircraft was being taken out of storage at Aberdeen Airport. It will be interesting to see if something failed on the Flybe aircraft after sitting on the ground for so long, or if the pilots had lost some skills while grounded for so long. This could be an important learning experience for all airlines and pilots as we limp toward increased air travel. ( עוד...

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ADXbear 8
Heck of way to change a tire when they couldnt find a Jack... :D
Greg Mermel 4
Mating season?
Supercool Marmol 1
I can almost here the ZeFrank Youtube on this
Sharon Hutchinson 3
Looks like my supermarket parking lot on any given day.
James Simms 3
That’ll leave a mark
Andrew Bunker 3
It'll buff out!
Andy Cruickshank 3
Multiple references to AAIB (A UK Authority) and not the NTSB. People comment before reading the available information. So once again Linbb proves his worth to society. I can predict when he (or she) will post
darjr26 2
Where’s the speed tape?
sharon bias 2
My bad. Another article about this incident said NTSB, not AAIB. I wasn't paying attention to the regulatory agency.
Andy Cruickshank 1
Appreciate the acknowlegement
japanjeff 1
Presumably a video of the incident:
Peter Fuller 1
Another source says the Q400 involved is 14-plus years old and the E145 is over 19 ( ). I suppose once damage is assessed owners could decide to write-off-and-part-out rather than repair. There’s no shortage of airplanes right now so values might be pretty low.
Clive Beilby 1
Insurance claim possibly ?
Supercool Marmol 1
Hey bob, come look at this mark under on the fuselage, under the engine. wonder if it's dangerous.
Bob: um.. Frank, we're in a plane, shouldn't a ground crew do this check?
F: Na, Jimbo asked me to take a peek as we passed by
B: wait.. wait.. brake brake!!!
F: oops. his the throttle instead of break. Good news is that, yeah, their fuselage is indeed damaged. we just saved that flight!
cyberjet 1
Want to feel helpless? Try hitting the brake pedals and getting no response.
Tim Burga 1
Little known fact, planes are just like dogs when they meet each other for the first time

*sniff sniff*
CactusDave 1
Bad day at work!

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sharon bias -6
Because the NTSB report will take months or years to be published, and there are hundreds of aircraft being pulled from storage, a more prompt review should be undertaken. Is this incident just bad luck, a problem with this type of aircraft in long term storage, issues with this location of storage, or pilot training that needs some updating, all need to be considered. And quickly. The slow bureaucracy of the NTSB is probably not in anyone's best interest right now. It's a whole new world in aviation right now. Nations, airports, airlines, and the public need basic answers in hours or days, not months or years.
Torsten Hoff 12
This accident is not even the NTSB’s responsibility. Doesn’t anyone look at the facts before starting a knee-jerk reaction criticizing the NTSB and FAA?
bentwing60 9
Torsten, you are on the right track, but, Criminy, It happened in Scotland. No US jurisdiction in any way. Not that facts matter anymore!
Torsten Hoff 7
That was my exact point.
bentwing60 0
I kinda thought that, but am quite certain that more than a few would not, I.E. the first two comments. Cheers.
Robert Cowling -4
A tug wasn't available? Will this mean that planes will have to be towed into position? And were there no wing walkers, or others on the ground to try to get their attention? I assume the Q was running, so it could have been worse with spinning blades chewing into the RJ.


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