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Fuel truck vs Havilland Dash 8-300

The truck driver has been charge with dangerous driving. The plane is a total loss. ( More...

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Chris B 6
Jake from state farm wants to know what the driver was wearing...

(got to post something serious once in a while... :)

Last Years news!
Harold Brown 4
when in a vehicle, moving in the vicinity of aircraft. the aircraft has the full right of way and the vehicle has NO right-of-way. My dad was the worst but nothing ever happened. It is sadly stupid to come in contact with a plane while in a vehicle. Being 83, I have seen and heard of several instances. Harold Brown

vermaas 4
Note that this occurred last year.
Mark Smith 4
We cover everything because we’ve seen just about e.v.e.r..y....never mind.
Greg S 3
Wow, I was not expecting the accident to be that bad just from reading the title. A fuel truck T-bones a taxiing aircraft full of passengers at speed, severely damaging the aircraft and spilling fuel in the process. To me this is a major incident. The truck driver's act was criminal in nature, even if it was accidental. No matter how idiot-proof we try to make aviation they always make a better idiot.
sparkie624 2
With the Engine running... just do to Torque Damage to the engine mounts is enough to total... the rest of it is just cream on the top to condemn it..
SkyAware123 0
Totalled means it costs more relative to what the plane is worth. Has nothing to do w the type of damage. Same as a car.Anything can be fxed.
Craig Good 3
"After jumping out of the aircraft a lot of fuel was seen on the tarmac." I've never seen jumping fuel before.

I miss editors and proofreaders.
john doe 2
Agreed, except the website seems it may be European in origin. If that's the case, and the author was writing in a language other than his native, we probably ought to reverse course and congratulate him on his (almost) perfect English.
Antoni Mazur 1
This happened over a year ago
Is it just my imagination or are more of these type of accidents happening or are they just getting more news coverage? Is there more time pressure on ground personnel or are carriers hiring more NASCAR wannabees? Yes, I've seen some of these people whizzing around and it looks like a lot of fun...until someone gets hurt. LOL
Garen Evans 1
Old news
we have the technology to end - called a grid with software that knows there is a conflict - just like in the air. Call Tesla
Robert Cowling -1
sparkie624 2
Understatement of the year!
My bad! Or to paraphrase the movie Nine To Five, "I just t-boned a plane. You don't think they'll fire me for that?!! LMAo
Michael Gaff -1
Amazingly stupid driving. However, the powers that be will make certain that this asshole will be forgiven.
What a wonderful world we live in.


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