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"It's the Canadian thing to do.

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Sunwing Airlines making excess space available at no charge to stranded Canadians in sun belt destinations. They will have repatriated 33000 Canadians by Monday. ( עוד...

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Paul Miller 7
Don't you feel that's a great thing to do guys ? Pity that some other BIG Airlines never made that offer either ? (or maybe they did and I missed it).
I have flown Sunwing many times on vacation. Great airline and fantastic service. It is a shame you don't see Air Canada or Westjet stepping up to help get canadians home. Actually some of their customers they left stranded.
No doubt though AC and Westjet will be first in line for any bailouts. Shame on you!!!

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James Simms 4
Zip it Bubba. Keep politics out of this
Wolfgang Prigge 5
Don’t give him your attention, just downvote to make him disappear.

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