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TSA’s Decision This Year to End Payments for Janitorial Services at Checkpoints Has Some Worried

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Airports are being forced to do more with less as cleaning efforts ramp up to prevent coronavirus spread. Some air travel officials are expressing concern about a Trump administration decision earlier this year to eliminate federal funding for cleaning services at airport security checkpoints, fearing the decision to force airports with limited budgets to stretch their resources could exacerbate spread of the novel coronavirus. ( עוד...

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ADXbear 1
They better pick up the slack themselves..
sharon bias 1
I actually e-mail my Senator about this issue. It's crazy. Maybe in another year it can be looked at as a way to reduce government spending.
patrick baker 1
there are fees generated by passengers undegoing TSA checks, so why not take enough money out of that funding source to cover the necessary cleaning services?

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