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Airbus BelugaXL enters service

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The aircraft, which is an integral part of Airbus’ industrial system, made its first operational flight on 9 January ( עוד...

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sharon bias 7
Don't know what its like to fly one, but they are at the top of the list on the cute scale
Roy Corrales 3
I've saw the previous models at Toulouse 2 years ago... unforgettable and amazed to see those huge cargo flying machines around :)
bartmiller 2
Surprisingly, it flies very much like a regular A330. Requires small addition to your type certification if you are A330 qualified. The different tail causes a few handling differences.
Toby Sharp 2
Please bartmiller, do TAIL us all about it! :)
Scott Campbell 2
When you land one for the first time and that nose comes down ... that has to be hard to get used !

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