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American Airlines pilot: Crew members "lost consciousness" due to fumes in cabin

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According to audio of the incident, the pilot can be heard requesting "immediate assistance". The plane was flying from London to Philadelphia when it diverted to Dublin due to odor from cleaning fluid that spilled in the galley. ( עוד...

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mary susan watkins 6
it is good everyone is ok and no one became really ill from the spill and the fumes..i am curious though as to why a strong cleaning fluid was even in the galley..from my experience,aircraft,gallies,floors and sanitizing of everything is done prior to the departure of an aircraft, and neither the cockpit crew nor the flight attendants have toxic substances stowed away..they use towelettes and potable water for things and they have sanitary wipes for other issues,but no toxic chemicals in bottles...
James Bruton 6
Without knowing the cleaning fluid, it's difficult to say much. I do think there's a good chance that the release ofodorous and toxic gas was a reaction product; somewhat like when ammonia is mixed with bleach, releasing chlorine gas.
bbabis 2
Was a rule broken or is a rule needed pertaining to that stuff being onboard?
sparkie624 2
Those Chemicals are nothing to be messed with. Bad stuff.
robin cooper 2
even though some of these fumes can be very irritating to mucus membranes, i would suspect that any loss of consciousness was from anxiety of the unknown and not from any anesthetic effect of the fumes.
Jake Brown 1
Did they don 0/2 masks?
Chris B 1
Perhaps its time to replace with less noxious cleaning fluids?
serge LOTH 1
There are a lot of fume events in Europeans Airlines but nobody wants to hear about it. (Clim???)My daughter ( Crew) told me some other crew are out of service , they cant fly anymore... isn't strange??
ToddBaldwin3 1
From a more aviation centric web site, the cleaning compound was identified as aircraft interior cleaner CH2200D. The active ingredients are a series of quaternary ammonia surfactants, like you would find in formual 409, Simple Green, and Caviwipes.
American actually tried to clean something?
sharon bias 0
Since the flight started oversea's, maybe a chemical that's OK in England is not allowed in the US. Although the EU generally has more stringent policies regarding chemicals than the US. Must have been highly concentrated to effect the crew so quickly and only one passenger.
Good observation Sharon .

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